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Year-Round Food Truck Delights Seward with Comfort Food

Carole Perri and Angle P-Moe, Owners of The Girls Food Truck
by Kelley Lane for Seward City News-

“The Girls Food truck,” a new dining establishment on wheels, opened this spring. It’s currently living over at Seward Marine Industrial Center for most of this winter, which makes it the only source of prepared foods on that side of Resurrection Bay. The Girls Food Truck (TGFT) is owned and operated by Angela P-Moe and Carole Perri, both Seward locals. They serve up an innovative take on comfort food, including their best seller, the ribeye Philly cheese steak, which is served on either a roll or atop tater tots. TGFT has successfully managed to start and operate a new food business in Seward, using their ability to move around town to their advantage. They spent most of the summer months parked in Seward’s Harbor and now will be spending most of the winter on a plot of land on the west side of Nash Road, across from Bette Cato Road.

On a rare sunny afternoon back in August, three of us headed over to the east side of Resurrection Bay. The drive out Nash Road was gorgeous, the light glinting through the leaves on the trees. When we saw that the sun had broken through the clouds after nearly two weeks of downpour, we quickly made the decision that it was time to get outside. Our destination was the Mount Alice trail, tucked into the brush near mile 3 of Nash Road. But first, we would eat a hearty comfort food lunch at the Girls Food Truck and drop off one member of our party with his kayak. His plan was to paddle around and across the bay, to make a one-way paddle to Seward’s Waterfront Campground. The three of us filled our bellies to capacity and feasted as well on the cheery conversation with Angel P-Moe. We ate both the meatloaf and the ribeye Philly cheese steak atop beds of tater tots.

TGFT was conceived by P-Moe and Perri while they were working at the Breeze Inn, as fellow waitstaff. They dreamed of having a food establishment of their own and began to discuss and dream about what it would look like. They settled on the idea of a bus and began searching for one to purchase. Last fall, the opportunity presented itself in the form of a 1975 Ford school bus that was for sale in Anchorage. They made the trek and found it to their liking, but needed to negotiate the price. P-Moe loves to haggle and barter and was eventually able to seal the deal. The women then took a second trip to Anchorage and brought home their prize.

That was October 18th of last year. They spent the winter doing the enormous amount of work that it took to transform what was once a school bus into a commercial kitchen. “We had no idea how much work it was going to be,” said Perri. There were mountains of both physical work and paperwork to complete before they would be legally allowed to open as a dining establishment. The bus was parked at its current location on Nash Road while being remodeled, near where the historic saw mill was located. “The guys doing welding at the site of the old saw mill told us what to do – they helped us do all of it,” said P-Moe. They passed their final inspection by Department of Environmental Conservation and opened for business on April 24th of this year.

TGFT has developed a loyal following of locals and visitors alike. One of their early patrons was the owner of Seward’s Saltwater Safari. “He used to drive over every day for lunch and got tired of doing the drive,” said P-Moe. That’s when he offered the use of a property that he owns in the harbor area of Seward. The two owners thought it over and decided to give it a try. They ended up spending most of the summer there and only relocated to the east side of Resurrection Bay in August, after a busy summer spent serving up fried Oreos, cheese tots, and bacon meatloaf sandwiches. A brief perusal of their Facebook page finds it full of raving compliments, both for the food and the friendly service. Among them is Karma Turner’s concise review from May “Absolutely the best Philly Cheese Steak I’ve had in a very long time- these girls are throwing down some really great food! And the cheese tots are amazing! If you haven’t been yet, go get you some!”


The rib eye philly cheese steak sandwich and atop tater tot are the best seller food items on The Girls Food Truck’s Comfort Food menu.

In Seward, we hold a special place in our hearts and our pocket books for year-round businesses. And we love our locally owned and operated year-round businesses even more. The Girls Food Truck meets all of these parameters and serves delightful food in ample portions. As many of the various dining establishments around town continue to close, take heart that the Girls Food Truck plans to stay open all winter. They’ll be located at their spot on Nash Road, smiling from their pink and black bus, and serving up meals. They will keep their schedule updated on their Facebook page, found under “The Girls Food Truck.” They plan to be open 11 am-6 pm Monday through Friday and 11 am – 2 pm on Saturdays and Sundays. “There are jobs going on [at Seward Marine Industrial Center] and people are excited to try our food,” said P-Moe.

More information about The Girls Food Truck, including updates, can be found at: https://www.facebook.com/ThegirlsFoodTruck/ and by calling 907.491.0133.





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