UPDATE: Officer Involved Shooting at the Safeway Parking Lot on October 1

Seward Safeway Parking Lot on the Morning of Oct 1. Photo: Brian Wright.

Seward City News has received information from a relative of the deceased that the man shot and killed in the Safeway parking lot on October 1 was Micah McComas, age 41. The Alaska State Troopers have not yet released additional information regarding the shooting.

An individual named Micah McComas, age 40, was arrested in January of this year. The police report from this incident reads: “An APD officer stopped to check on a vehicle stuck in a snowbank near the intersection of Kahiltna Drive and Kantishna Drive in Eagle River. According to police, the officer searched a passenger, Micah E. McComas, 40, of Chugiak, and found McComas was in possession of a handgun. Having been previously convicted of a felony, McComas was arrested for third-degree misconduct involving a weapon. On the way to the Anchorage Jail, police say McComas tried to discard drugs in the back of the patrol car. He was additionally charged with fifth-degree misconduct involving a controlled substance and tampering with evidence.” This same individual has also been implicated in charges of theft, criminal mischief, joyriding, burglary, and assault, dating back to when he was in his late teens and early twenties. It is not completely clear at this time whether this is the same individual.

According to Mr. McComas’ sister, the blue Kia described in Radio Kenai’s reporting belonged to his girlfriend. Her whereabouts are unknown.


Mr. McComas’ sister acknowledged that Mr. McComas had had trouble with the law in the past. However, she added that he recently seemed to be doing well.

We will continue to follow this story and publish information as we receive it.



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