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Scholarship Funding Available for the First Energy Science Challenge

Students who are participating in the first Seward Student Science Challenge held at the Seward Energy Forum & Fair will be competing for up to $4000 in scholarship funding.  Generous donations have been made by Chugach Electric Association, Seward Chamber of Commerce, Marathon Constructors Inspection Services, City of Seward Electric Department, First National Bank, Bettisworth North, Cooper Landing Chamber of Commerce and a private donor to support this event.  The winnings will be divided up among the top three placements for High school and top three for Middle school competitors.

About the Student Science Challenge

The Student Science Challenge was formed by the Seward Sustainable Energy Group (SSEG) to increase participation at their annual Energy Forum & Fair, as well as increase awareness about renewable energy, energy efficiency and reducing our carbon imprint.  “This contest is an all-around a win – win situation” say Mike Insalaco, leader of SSEG, “we expand the exposure for the participating students and their families to all the different forms of energy that are available, how they impact us day to day, as well as provide scholarships to help fund their future education.  Then on top of that, we’ve made the challenge to be one that could result in a feasible application that would be beneficial to our community.”  The contest was formed as a “Design & Problem Solving with Technology Science Challenge” for Kenai Peninsula Borough School District students to find alternative and sustainable resources to reduce and stabilize the cost of energy for heat and power for their schools, as well as encourage energy efficiency methods in daily operations.  Entries will be judged on how they show their potential contribution to sustainable energy, demonstrates a return on investment, displays creativity and innovation,  if it is feasible and functional and requires a short presentation.  Entry applications are found on the Energy Fair page at and are due to the Seward Chamber office by October 10th.

The Seward Student Science Challenge is part of the fourth annual Seward Energy Forum & Fair being held on Oct 13th and 14th at AVTEC – Alaska’s Institute of Technology in the Student Service Center from 10 am to 5 pm on Friday and 9 am to 4 pm on Saturday.  This is the only sustainable energy conference and fair event held on the Kenai Peninsula that is open to the general public and is free to attend.

Seward Energy Forum & Fair

This energy event features speakers from various statewide agencies and businesses will be presenting updates and educational talks on renewable energy and energy efficiency.  Representatives from the Alaska Energy Authority, Alaska Housing Finance Corporation, USDA – Rural Development State Office, Renewable Energy Alaska Project (REAP), Alaska Center of Energy and Power (ACEP), Homer Electric Association, The Comforts of Home and Your Clean Energy will be presenting throughout this two-day event. Exhibitors, including Alaska Efficient Energy Solutions, Northern Energy Technology, Susitna Energy Systems, and The Comforts of Home, LLC. will also be on hand sharing product information on renewable energy systems, energy efficiency educational material, and to answer general questions. At the end of Friday, a tour is being offered to learn about the Alaska Sealife Center’s new CO2 Heat pump. Sign up is required due to limited space available.


 Energy Art Contest

Throughout the Seward Energy event, attendees can also enjoy and are encouraged to vote on the fourth annual Seward Energy Fairs Student Art Contest. The top two placements from elementary, middle and high school students will receive prizes that encourage outdoor recreation and have been donated from various tourism business that support sustainability and reducing our carbon imprint.  This contest has become quite popular due to generous donations made by Major Marine Tours, Alaska Railroad, Alaska Sealife Center, Alaska Rivers Company, Alaska Wildland Adventures and Stoney Creek Canopy Tours. Submissions for the art contest are due to the Seward Chamber by October 11th.

More information about the Energy Art Contest, Seward Science Challenge, Exhibiting or Sponsorship Opportunities, and the complete 2-day event schedule can be found at Seward. com or by calling the Seward Chamber of Commerce at (907) 224-8051.

 Seward Sustainable Energy Group

The Seward Sustainable Energy Group was founded by the Seward Chamber of Commerce under the Seward Economic Growth Plan. SSEG is a group of local citizens who wish to encourage renewable energy and clean technology development in Alaska.  The function of SSEG is to educate, create awareness, support for their cause in promoting a community-wide energy plan. Seward’s energy plan’s overall objective is to decrease the community’s carbon imprint on the environment, reduce the cost of living and lead to economic growth for their region.


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