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Police Journals October 16-24 2017

October 16 2017



RP requested that JASON HOUSLER be trespassed indefinitely from all AVTEC properties. Officer made contact with HOUSLER and criminal trespass advisement entered in APSIN.
0920 TRAFFIC STOP- VERBAL WARNING Verbal warning given to GARY KIRSHEMAN while driving at Mile 2 Seward Highway for speed.
1313 VESSEL IN DISTRESS RP, reported the F/V Hummingbird was taking on water on J Dock.  HMO advised.
1400 PUBLIC ASSIST RP, turned in expired medications and ammunition for destruction at City Hall.
1412 ABANDONED VEHICLE Officer placed abandoned vehicle notice on a white Kia near 2nd and D Street.
October 17 2017
0841 911 HANG UP/MISDIAL Senior Center Elevator panic button accidentally pushed.  All ok.  No sounds of distress.  Officer advised.
1318 MVA-D RP requested an Officer for an MVA-D at 4th and D Street.  Officer responded and made contact with both drivers. 
1447 911 EMERGENCY



Ambulance requested to HMO.  SVFD/SVAC dispatched.  Officer responded.
1536 BURN PERMIT D81 issued a burn permit to Vista until 10/19.
1715 AMBULANCE DISPATCHED A man power assist was requested to help a gentleman on the ground in front of Lowell Canyon. SVFD dispatched and SVAC was put on standby. Fire officer canceled the ambulance and they helped him back up.
October 18 2017


NICHOLAS KELLY turned himself in for a misdemeanor $200 warrant. Officer arrested KELLY and transported him to the jail. He was also advised he is trespassed from Alaska Coastal Lodgings.


RP stated he heard what he believed to be an alarm inside the Post Office in the back room. He stated it didn’t sound like a normal alarm and more like a phone, but it kept going. The Postmaster arrived and contacted the security company to have a technician fix the problem, and requested more patrols around the Post Office.
2115 911 EMERGENCY


RP with the Hotel 360 front desk stated she could hear a verbal dispute at room 239, as well as a possible physical altercation. Officer interviewed three subjects. The dispute was between two of them and neither of them wished to press charges.
2136 EARTHQUAKE NTWC detected a magnitude 4.8 earthquake 60 miles Northwest of Homer, Alaska, and 150 miles Southwest of Anchorage, Alaska. No tsunami danger is expected.


RP reported subject was refusing to leave the Yukon bar when asked. Officers arrested JOSHUA JOHNSON at the Yukon for disorderly conduct.
October 19 2017
1022 CRIMINAL TRESPASS Seward Mountain Haven requested to talk to an Officer reference criminal trespass to ANTHONY FISCHER after KOSTINIOSHAN STALEY was terminated from there.  Officer advised STALEY and FISCHER they were criminally trespassed from Seward Mountain Haven.  Advisement entered in APSIN.
1050 911 EMERGENCY


Fire Department dispatched for a possible explosion in the basement of 3rd Avenue.  SVFD/SVAC/BCVFD dispatched.  Officer responded.
1122 BURN PERMIT D81 issued a burn permit to Dairy Hill Lane from 10/20-10/22.
1140 DRIVING COMPLAINT AST reported of a possible intoxicated driver about to leave the library in a white utility vehicle, unknown plate or direction of travel.  Officer responded and unable to locate to vehicle. 
1441 911 HANG UP/MISDIAL RP, reported his child accidentally dialed his cell phone at Pacific Park Apartments.  No sounds of distress.  Officer advised.
1520 WELFARE CHECK AST requested a welfare check on subject at Marathon Drive after not showing up for a doctor appointment in Soldotna.  Officer responded and advised all ok.



Ambulance dispatched to the Farm B&B.  Troopers requested agency assist at the scene from SPD officer.
2012 TRAFFIC STOP – VERBAL WARNING Verbal warning given to DEBRA COOTS at Seward and Sea Lion Drive for driving with headlights off.
2134 911 EMERGENCY



Ambulance dispatched to mile 2 of Nash Road,
October 20 2017
0249 AMBULANCE DISPATCHED Ambulance dispatched to Bay View Trailer Court
0702 AMBULANCE DISPATCHED Ambulance dispatched to the airport a flight crew transport.
1727 PUBLIC ASSIST Subject was picking up his dog after being seen for treatment at the hospital.  Officer gave him a ride to Chevron.
2047 LOST AND FOUND RP reported he last had his ID at the Western Union counter at Safeway.  The Safeway clerk is reporting that they don’t have it at the counter.  RP was going back to Safeway to talk with a shift manager to request that they be on the look-out for the ID.


RP went back to Safeway and they found his ID.
October 21 2017
0540 911 EMERGENCY x3


RP advised that 4 men were taking tires off vehicles in the Glacier View Apts parking lot. Officer was unable to locate anyone or any vehicle that looked to be tampered with. RP called a second time with the same information and the Officer was again unable to locate anything suspicious. RP called again advising similar information. Information given to Officer.




RP advised that he had been held hostage in a room at PSMC but he was in his apartment now at Glacierview apartments at Lowell Canyon Road.  RP called back and stated that he had been held in his apartment by three men but they had left.  An officer responded and spoke with RP.  Seaview Community Services was contacted to evaluate RP.  Seaview advised that RP would have to be admitted to PSMC first before and evaluation could take place.  Officer advised that he would do hourly checks at Glacierview to see if that would resolve the issue.
1118 ROAD CONDITIONS RP reported that there is a light dusting of snow at mile 36.  Slick spots near hope and the Canyon Creek Bridge.  There is 3-4 inches accumulated in Johnson Pass with low lying fog making it near white out conditions.
1138 INFORMATIONAL Moose Pass Fire Department reported that there is a controlled burn going at Seward Highway today and will be monitored by DOT.
1823 ROAD CONDITIONS Icy roads were reported on Nash Road. Public Works was notified and they stated they were going to sand it.
2041 THEFT RP reported a theft that happened at Apollo’s, and had video evidence of it. Officer interviewed RP and determined who the suspect was. Officer tried to contact suspect in person, and contacted her landlord to try to get contact information.
October 22 2017
0111 TRAFFIC STOP – VERBAL WARNING Verbal warning given to MADELINE MCGRAW at Mile 1 Seward Highway for speed.
1746 THEFT

CASE UPDATE (17-3001)

RP reported that the item that was stolen last night was returned to her, and she wished to drop the charges. She was transferred to the officer’s voicemail.
1931 SUSPICIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES RP reported that there was someone possibly trying to steal snow machine parts on her property at Dimond. RP stated the suspect left before they could get a light on them and get a good description. Officer spoke with RP and the area will be patrolled. 
2121 THEFT RP reported his locked bike was stolen at Safeway. It was described as a black KHS fat tire bike model 3,000, with black electrical tape around the handlebars. Officer interviewed RP and asked him to review the security footage for a possible suspect.
October 23 2017
0848 TRAFFIC STOP- VERBAL WARNING Verbal warning given to TYLER FINCH while driving at Port and Alameda for fail to stop at stop sign.
1041 BURN PERMIT D81 issued a burn permit to the Transfer Facility until 10/25.
1105 PUBLIC ASSIST RP, turned in expired medications for destruction at City Hall.
1358 911 HANG UP/MISDIAL 911 misdial from SCCC.  Callback revealed misdial and all ok.  AST advised.


Qutekcak  Native Tribe requested an Officer reference HOLLY CHAPPELL creating a disturbance.  Officer responded and advised that CHAPPELL was criminally trespassed indefinitely.  Advisement entered in APSIN.
1559 AMBULANCE DISPATCHED Providence requested a fight medical crew transport at the airport. SVAC dispatched.
1853 LOST AND FOUND RP turned in a bag found at the library containing a laptop, jacket, and charger.
2233 TRAFFIC STOP – VERBAL WARNING A verbal warning was given to JASON BARBER for speed at 4th and Adams.
2253 LOST AND FOUND A wallet was turned into the police department. Owner was contacted and stated he would pick it up in the morning.


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