Bear Resistant Garbage Cans for rent

Alaska Waste has 96-gallon bear resistant garbage cans available for monthly rent.

These large garbage cans are the equivalent of three regular trash cans. The $40.52 monthly fee is only $2.00 more than the monthly rate for three cans.

Customers can rent the cans by the month or even partial month. This is especially helpful in the fall when bears may be attracted to unsecured garbage. It is also great for renters who may not want to own an expensive garbage can. And it is cheaper than a citation for unsecured trash.


These Alaska Waste cans are identified by a camper shell style handle on the lid which provides easy access.

Bear resistant garbage cans have long been a huge success in Seward and across the borough. With this option available, there is no excuse for residents to allow bears to get into garbage and become problem bears. A fed bear is a dead bear, as we have sadly seen yet again this fall.

For more information or to get a bear resistant garbage can, call Alaska Waste at 907-283-9390 or call the Seward Transfer Facility at 907-224-5327.


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