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Baby walrus update

According to the Alaska Sealife Center October Newsletter released today: “Aku will be moved out of his current location soon. Aku was rescued from Nome, Alaska on June 14th. If you would like to see Aku, be sure to visit by Sunday, October 15.”

I visited again today, just before the 2:00 bottle feeding. Aku was napping comfortably on his black raft when the caregiver arrived with a huge bottle of milk and vitamins. After a short drink, she took Aku for a walk around the outdoor pool for exercise. He followed her obediently like a giant puppy, then was allowed to empty the bottle. Lunch was followed by cuddle time, which included lots of love and pets. From the smiles on the caregiver’s face, it must have tickled when Aku sucked on her fingers!

Aku has come a long ways from the scrawny, dehydrated, and injured calf that arrived in such precarious condition in June. As of October 2, he had doubled his weight to 220 pounds! Congratulations to the Alaska Sealife Center staff and visiting experts for their excellent care!


News on the location of Aku’s new home is yet to be released.

Carol Griswold


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