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ANOTHER Swan killed by Lagoon power lines!!!

I  just received confirmation that a 4-month old TRUMPETER SWAN cygnet hit the power lines along the Lagoon at Dairy Hill Lane on Sunday afternoon and died of its injuries.

Seward power lines have killed eight young resident swans since 2014, all but two at the Lagoon power lines:

January 4 and 6, 2015: two of original four died at Lagoon power lines

October 2, 2015: two of original six died at Lagoon power lines

September 8, 2016: two of original seven died at Nash Road power lines

October 28, 2016: two more of original seven hit Lagoon power lines, one died, one recovered

October 30, 2017: one of original 3 died at Lagoon power lines


Trumpeter Swans are protected by federal law under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. Utilities, including cable companies, can be prosecuted and fined for causing deaths.

Much progress has been made on installing the infrastructure for the much-anticipated underground power lines, but obviously, the killer wires are still in place and will remain a threat until buried.

Completing the installation MUST be a priority before more swans die. Please contact the City Manager and Seward Electric Department and urge them to expedite the underground installation of power lines and cable lines. While you’re at it, encourage them to reuse the deflectors on the unmarked Nash Road upper transmission lines. Time is of the essence to prevent more deaths.

City Manager Jim Hunt at 907-224-4047, jhunt@cityofseward.net

Electric Department Utility Manager John Foutz at 907-224-4073, jfoutz@cityofseward.net

Sadly submitted by Carol Griswold


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