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Seward Police Journals September 12-September 17 2017

September 12 2017
0619 PARKING COMPLAINT A parking warning was left on MS/LIC MED607 at Fifth Avenue for parking against flow of traffic and parking in front of a driveway.
1544 DRIVING COMPLAINT RP, reported a white pickup, unknown plate, that was speeding on Benson.  Officer advised.
1930 DRUG INFORMATION RP reported that he saw a possible marijuana drug deal at Harbor Lights Condos. Officer responded and found no vehicle matching the description given.
1949 TRAFFIC STOP – CITATION A citation was issued to KAITLYN HOWARD for speed at Seward Highway in the Safeway parking lot.
2029 TRAFFIC STOP – VERBAL WARNING A verbal warning was given to Indian national LAVANYA D. SHAH DOLARRAY for speed at 3rd Avenue in the Chevron parking lot.
2157 911 EMERGENCY


Ambulance requested to Mountain Haven Fireweed Lodge. SVAC and SVFD dispatched. Patient transported to hospital by SVAC.
2221 NOISE COMPLAINT RP reported he requested the tenant at Fourth Avenue to turn down their music and they turned it up instead.  Officer made contact with the tenant and she stated that she was having a party but everyone was getting ready to leave the premises. 


RP reported a break in at her business at 3rd Avenue. RP stated she was notified by two friends on scene. The suspect GREGORY COPELAND was arrested for Assault On A Police Officer IV, and transported to SCJ. RP decided not to press charges on COPELAND for the broken window.
2341 AGENCY ASSIST Officers found AK/LIC GWC333 in the ditch at mile 3 of the Seward Highway.  SAST Dispatch was notified but didn’t have a trooper on duty.
2354 DRIVING COMPLAINT RP reported that subject was driving drunk in a blue Toyota Tundra.  Officer was unable to locate the vehicle out past the three bridges.
September 13 2017
0029 AMBULANCE REQUESTED Ambulance requested to the hospital
0255 ALARM RESPONSE Wells Fargo Security reported that the ATM alarms went out at Seward Highway – Wells Fargo Bank.  Officer found the ATM in working order, nothing tampered with and no one in the area.  Wells Fargo Security advised.
0418 FOOT PATROL Dairy Hill
0602 WELFARE CHECK RP reported a male walking in the middle of the road possibly intoxicated wearing a red had, dark blue coat approximately 6’0 tall.  Officer was unable to locate anyone in the area.
0740 AMBULANCE REQUESTED Ambulance requested to Fifth Avenue.
0859 SUSPICIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES Officer received a call from Middle School of a Native male wearing a hoodie that was wandering around the school.  When confronted by staff, the male stated he was looking for a job and left in a gray Ford Escape, unknown plates.  Officer responded to patrol the area.
0928 WELFARE CHECK Officer advised that the Elementary School is requesting a welfare check on a student that has been absent for 12 days.  Officer responded to Iron and advised that the child is being home schooled.  Officer advised Elementary School.
1056 PUBLIC ASSIST RP, turned in expired medication to be destroyed at City Hall.
1230 THEFT RP, reported that his Eagle Binoculars were taken from his backpack at the ASLC yesterday and wanted to file a theft report. 
1530 911 HANG UP/MISDIAL 911 open line from the area near AVTEC Dorms and could hear people talking in foreign language.  No sounds of distress.  Officer advised.
1632 CRIMINAL MISCHIEF RP requested an Officer at North Harbor St for the report that someone had pried open his vehicle and stolen 2 mp3 players. Officer determined that there was under 500 dollars’ worth of damage done to vehicle.
2318 TRAFFIC STOP – VERBAL WARNING Verbal warning given to YEHONATAN SHASHUA at 3rd Ave and Jefferson St for speed.
September 14 2017
0755 THEFT RP, reported his cell phone was stolen at Safeway.  RP spoke with an Officer.
1120 911 HANG UP/ MISDIAL 911 open line from AVTEC Dorms.  No sound of distress.  Officer advised.



Hotel Seward reported that RAYMOND CHAVEZ left there on foot and was at the Library.  RP was not sure if anything was taken.  Officer responded and advised nothing was taken.  CHAVEZ was advised that he was criminally trespassed from Hotel Seward indefinitely.
September 15 2017


Citation issued to ROXANNE GIBSON at Seward and Dairy Hill for speed.
0220 AMBULANCE DISPATCHED Ambulance dispatched to Mountain Haven Eagle Lodge.
0544 ANIMAL/WILD Officer requested a case for RP referencing bears that are becoming more aggressive near his house at Phoenix Dr.
0833 911 HANG UP/MISDIAL 911 open line from the freight elevator at Safeway.  No sounds of distress.  Officer advised.
1030 PUBLIC ASSIST RP, came to SPD to talk to an Officer about making a report to OCS about a possible incident at Pacific Park Apartments.  Officer spoke with RP and gave contact information for OCS.
1055 LOST AND FOUND Swans Nest Inn requested an Officer for found items on their property.  Officer responded and brought items to PD.   Subject came to SPD to claim his items.
1145 911 X 2 NON EMERGENCY


Officer requested to 1st Avenue for a civil issue between tenants at the apartment.  Officer responded.
1213 PUBLIC ASSIST NPS turned in expired medication for destruction at City Hall
1326 BURN PERMIT D81 issued burn permit for Vista until 09/18
1634 CIVIL ISSUE RP reported sending money to an individual out of state to buy a dog, but the individual out of state was refusing to give the dog over. Officer advised RP that this was a civil issue.
2000 DISORDERLY CONDUCT RP reported a mentally unstable individual inside Safeway walking around yelling and talking to himself. Officer contacted FRANK DURATE and his friend who advised he would be transporting DURATE off the premise. Safeway management did not want DURATE returning for the night.


RP reported two intoxicated males driving toward the harbor area from downtown. Officer found no vehicle matching the description.
September 16 2017
0116 MISCONDUCT INVOLVING WEAPONS/ASSAULT III/RESISTING ARREST/CRIMINAL TRESPASS ARREST YUKON BAR requested an Officer to assist with a male subject who was kicked out and returned to act in a threatening manner. Officer arrested WILLIAM SMITH for misconduct involving weapons, assault III, resisting arrest, and criminal trespassing. SMITH was transported for medical clearance after Officers used OC spray during an altercation.


Verbal warning given to ZACKRY TAYLOR at Seward and North Harbor for speed.
0242 SUSPICIOUS CIRCUMSTANCE RP advised that a male subject was trying to enter vehicles at the corner of 2nd and Washington St.  RP said that the person entered a truck and took something from it. Officer was unable to locate the subject.
1539 DRIVING COMPLAINT RP reported a silver Chevy truck was swerving northbound on the Seward Highway. RP called back and reported that the truck had turned on to Nash Rd. Information was given to Officer.
2202 CRIMINAL TRESPASS RP reported a trespassed individual at the Breeze Inn that possibly had a firearm and threatened an employee before leaving. Officers responded and interviewed employee who stated subject did not threaten him with a weapon, and he left the premise when he saw the employee.
2310 CRIMINAL TRESPASS The bouncer from the Ale House reported that subject was loitering just outside the Ale House selling marijuana.  Officers made contact with subject who denied selling marijuana.  He was told to leave the area and not return.
2215 INFORMATIONAL RP reported that water from Stoney Creek was close to over running the bank.  RP was transferred to SAST dispatch.
2320 INFORMATIONAL RP reported that Stoney Creek River has flooded two to four houses and the water is now on the road.  RP was given SAST dispatch contact information as well as the number to the flood service board.
September 17 2017
0928 PARKING COMPLAINT Written parking warning left on vehicle JHK368 at 6th Ave and Railway Ave for parking where prohibited.
1248 LOST AND FOUND RP turned in a phone, drivers’ license, and debit card found outside the Seabean Café to the police department. Officer logged items in lost and found.
1428 AMBULANCE DISPATCHED Seward Hospital requested an ambulance to the airport for flight crew transport. SVAC dispatched.


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