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Sales Notes You Should Be Including in Your CRM Strategy

CRM is a fancy way of describing the way you take care of your existing and potential customer relationships. No matter what industry you are in and regardless of how many years you’ve been in operation, a portion of your business is focused on maintaining key relationships with customers and leads. This area is too important to lack true effort and should be pushed to your sales force as a vital part of their job.

After your sales staff makes a call to a lead or a current customer, they should be recording their notes for others to see. This will allow your company to work together and pick up key information so you can meet every one of your customer's needs and make them feel special. An easy place to keep notes is in a CRM system. This eliminates the hassle of paper build-up on your employee's desks and provides a quick
response when they need a question answered.

If you already have a CRM system, you know the benefits we are talking about when it comes to your staff's knowledge about your customers and leads. If you don't currently have a CRM software, you should check out the salesforce CRM Definition to get a better idea of what this software does. It's important to note, however, that no CRM system is going to be effective unless your staff regularly uses it. A CRM should have information regularly updated and added to it so you can better connect and sell to your customers.

It’s wise to have a clear structure for your staff about when they should be updating the CRM system data for customers and leads. This will ensure that everything in the database stays current and is known by all employees that need the data. Let’s look at a few scenarios when your sales staff should be updating a customer’s data.

After Any Phone Call

Your CRM system is a fantastic way to record your sales staff's call history with your clients and leads. After they get off the phone, your staff should be inputting the time, date, and topic of the call they received or made. This is very helpful when you go to make follow up calls as you know exactly what was discussed with the client previously. Many CRM systems can hook up to your phone system so your customer’s calls can be prepopulated with the date and time. This will save your employees precious time.

Tasks That Need To Be Done

Once a sales call is complete, it’s likely your business is going to need to follow up with that customer in some way. Whether it’s sending them an order, shipping out a brochure or catalog to a lead, or a simple reminder to call the customer back in a set period, there are tasks that need to be accomplished. By properly inputting the next tasks into the CRM, your staff can keep organized and the tasks can get done  effectively.

Your CRM strategy is the lifeblood of your business. Without a good way to manage your customers and leads, you're not going to stay in operation for long. By opting for an effective CRM strategy, such as CRM software, and having your staff make the proper after-call notes, you can ensure everyone at your business is on the same page and your customers are looked after properly.

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