Letter to the Editor: Vote No on KPB Proposition One

My name is Carl Norman.  I have an experience to share with you.  It has somewhat to do with KPB Proposition One.

In 2014 I started noticing small welt like, kinda sore growths appearing on myself in various places, including back, face, shoulder.  They started and grew like a cold sore.  Small blisters in groups that turned into hard scabbed sores that were definitely not going away.  I tried to ignore it but that was impossible.  They kept growing.  I finally went to a noted dermatologist, who immediately did biopsies.  You guessed it.  The big “C”.  It kinda takes your breath away for a moment when the doctor walks in and tells you that.  Anyway, there were really no options offered.  Either remove by scalpel and do topical (ointment) chemo or leave it and head on home.  I agreed to the surgical removals and follow up topical chemo.  I couldn’t touch any normal skin with the chemo ointment or it could burn a hole in it.  It appeared to work.  The only reminders of them being various scars that looked like bullet wounds to others that were just the top layers of skin and flesh, over bony surfaces.

That’s ok.  I was cured.  So I thought and the tests kept confirming.


18 months later, I suddenly developed a growth starting just at the hairline on the side of my face.  It kept growing to about the size of small button on the surface, but right under the smaller sore, another was growing to about the size of a nickel and gaining.  Then those familiar symptoms of 22 months earlier were very recognizable.

The doctor again got his scalpel ready.  Recalling the prior experience with the surgical/chemo method, I decided, after vast research, to try the marijuana extract, commonly known as CBD/RSO.  I was lucky enough to find a source of the marijuana extract.  Within one week of applying the marijuana oil, CBD/RSO, to the developing cancer, it had completely disappeared.   You have to continue applying it for some time in order to destroy the deeper cells that you don’t want.  It is still gone except for a tiny scar.  About a year now.  It involves a little more instruction to effectively use.  It was certainly worth trying vs the “other way”.  I’m making no guarantees or claims.  This is a true experience of my own self.  My wife kept a photo journal.

Vote no on Prop. 1.  People need to quit forcing their own beliefs on others. It has already been voted on by Alaskans.  Accept that as the law of the land.  Marijuana actually is a Godsend when used for the betterment of people needing it.  There are already plenty of laws about where/when/who is allowed to sell, possess and use.    Vote no on KPB Prop 1.  Another attempt by few to control the many.