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Crowley Maritime tug “Alert” puts on a show!

A large, bright yellow tug was spotted between rainsqualls yesterday cruising slowly down the west side of Resurrection Bay. Lucky boaters and bay watchers were treated to the sight of the Crowley Maritime’s tug “Alert” test its firefighting pumps.

Higher and higher rose the powerful plumes of water, farther and farther they reached, arcing from both sides of the ship, until they resembled giant, outstretched swan wings. The spectacular test was repeated several times, pointing the plumes forward and backward, completely inundating the cabin and decks.

According to the Crowley website, the 140 foot long Prevention and Response Tug is 42 feet wide, draws 20 feet of water, produces 10,192 horsepower and has a certified bollard pull of 300,000 pounds. It is equipped with firefighting emergency, and oil spill response equipment. Typically, it is used for tanker escorts to and from the Alyeska Valdez Marine Terminal.

The Alert was in the news in 2013 when it was dispatched to assist Shell Alaska’s disabled drill rig, Kulluk.

Thanks, Alert, for the mesmerizing water show on an otherwise gloomy day!


Carol Griswold


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