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Seward Police Journals August 9-21 2017

August 9 2017
0121 WELFARE CHECK The night auditor from the Hotel Seward reported AK/LIC JDV548 with its lights on across the street and wanted to make sure that the vehicle owner was not having a problem.  Officer found no one in the car.
0422 DEATH INVESTIGATION RP reported that subject died at Fifth Avenue.  Officer responded and notified the Medical Examiner as there was not a comfort one or advanced directive in place.  The medical examiner released the body to the family.
August 12 2017
1604 LOST AND FOUND RP found a wallet containing debit cards, from different people, a social security card and a driver’s license near the Chamber of Commerce.  Debit cards belonging to a previous case were logged into that case.


Items found belonging to a previous lost and found case were logged into safe keeping under that case.
1622 911 EMERGENCY


RP reported subject started an argument and left strangulation marks on his son (JUV).  Officers made contact with both parties.  Both subjects went their separate ways and no charges were filed.  Injuries were minor.


RP reported an eight year old boy (JUV) had been left by his father and uncle at Essential One, while (JUV) was in the bathroom. Father and uncle were last seen driving a silver car.  SAST was advised that the vehicle may be headed toward Anchorage as that is where the child’s parents are from.  It was determined that the father had been stopped at mile 93 of the Seward Highway earlier in the day by troopers and a bolo was put out for GMM787 a silver 2012  Ford Explorer belonging to the mother.  Officer made contact with the RP and picked up the JUV child at Essential One.  The child informed the officer that his father was fishing in Seward.  Officer located the vehicle and subsequently the father at Spring Creek Campground.  The child was reunited with his father.  OCS report generated.


RP called 911 to give contact information for herself.
1752 PARKING COMPLAINT The parking supervisor advised that EDV308, a RV with its doors left open was blocking in several cars near the parking shack located at Fourth Avenue.  Officer was advised.  RP called back and advised that the vehicle owner had been located.  Officer was notified.
1755 LOST AND FOUND RP found an AK/ID on the bike path near the campgrounds and turned it in to the police department.
1854 AMBULANCE REQUESTED Ambulance requested to the small boat harbor. SVAC/SVFD forms sent.
1928 AMBULANCE REQUESTED Ambulance requested to Sixth Avenue in the alley behind the Legion.
2002 TRAFFIC STOP – CITATION Citation issued to DOUGLAS M SCALES at Seward Highway and Resurrection Blvd. for speed.


Contact was made with the owner of the ID, she will pick up her ID tomorrow.
2109 FIRE DISPATCH BCVFD/SVAC/SVFD dispatched to the back of Eadsville for a fire of unknown type or exact location.  Upon arrival it was a burn pile.
2117 THEFT RP reported theft of sunglasses at Fourth Avenue, Mountain View Sports.  Officer met with RP and reviewed the video tape.
2253 AMBULANCE REQUESTED D87 requested an ambulance at Sixth Avenue in the alley. SVAC/SVFD Forms sent.
August 14 2017
0806 TRAFFIC STOP- VERBAL WARNING Verbal warning given to JEANNE BRADLEY, while driving at 4th and B Street for
0916 BURN PERMIT D81 issued a burn permit to the Transfer Facility till 8/16.
0932 TRAFFIC STOP- CITATION Citation issued to (JUV) while driving on Dieckgraff Road for speed and verbal warning for expired registration.
1008 911 AMBULANCE REQUESTED Ambulance requested to the Hotel 360.  SVFD/SVAC dispatched.
1121 911 HANG UP/MISDIAL 911 misdial from Advanced Physical Therapy at 4th Avenue.  No sounds of distress.  Officer advised.
1136 911 HANG UP/MISDIAL 911 pocket dial from the SBH.  No sounds of distress.  Officer advised.
1219 911 INFORMATION RP, called 911 wanting to know the business line number to the SPD. 


Ambulance requested to 4th Ave for a possible deceased male.  Officer, SVFD/SVAC dispatched.
1438 AMBULANCE REQUESTED SAST requested an ambulance to the blue house across the Seward Highway from Preachers Pond.  BCVFD/SVAC dispatched.


AST arrested NICOLETTE ARNOLD for Assault IV and SAST Warrant 3SW17150, $500 and transported to SCJ.
1549 DRIVING COMPLAINT Deputy Harbormaster reported there were two juveniles riding too fast on a powered scooter through the harbor. Officer was advised.
1724 INFORMATIONAL RP reported that they saw subject at the Yukon bar last Friday. Officer advised.


RP reported a dark Ford Expedition swerving near Chevron and heading South. Officer found no vehicle matching the description.
1820 LOST AND FOUND Seward Community Library turned in a machete found in the library men’s bathroom upstairs. Item was put into safekeeping.
1826 WELFARE CHECK RP wanted to make sure a woman sitting in her car in front of the Chamber of Commerce for over an hour was okay. Officer spoke with subject who stated she was just taking a nap.
1846 AGENCY ASSIST Officer assisted in a traffic stop with Troopers


Officer assisted in moving a deceased male.
2015 PARKING COMPLAINT RP reported an RV parked in the handicap spot in front of KFT and stopping the flow parking traffic. Officer left a warning on vehicle VJV9533 for blocking the lane of travel.
2034 AMBULANCE DISPATCHED SAST advised that there was a boat capsized with three individuals 50 yards off of Lowell Point, and requested the SVFD boat. SVFD, SVAC, LPVFD dispatched to Lowell Point. Miller’s Landing rescued the individuals and patients refused treatment by SVAC.
2128 AGENCY ASSIST Agency assist requested to Seward Highway and Nash Road for a vehicle CYJ379 involved in a hit and run. Troopers requested a patrol in the area. Troopers arrested PHILLIP ULLRICH and transported him to SCJ.


Citation issued to WILLIAM SPIERS at Seward Highway and Dieckgraeff Road for DWLS and failure to insure vehicle.
2159 CRIMINAL TRESPASS WILLIAM SCHULZ has been advised by an officer he is trespassed from the Yukon bar for 30 days.
2223 911-EMERGENCY


RP reported subject was wielding clubs, knives and nun chucks at 309 Nash Road (Polar Seafoods), scaring other employees.  Officers made contact with subject and transported him to the hospital for evaluation.
2226 911-EMERGENCY


RP reported on the 911 line of a disturbance between her and another subject. Officer interviewed several people.  Officer transported one subject to Bear Mountain Apartments.
August 15 2017
0932 911 INFORMATIONAL RP, called wanting to talk to an Officer reference the call last night.  RP was advised to call the business line and was then transferred to an Officer.
1023 SUSPICIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES RP, reported a large box truck that had no business names and looked odd to be parked by City Hall.  Officer advised.
1055 DRIVING COMPLAINT RP, reported a large RV that was spilling sewage onto the road from the North 72 hour Lot down 4th Avenue toward Icicle Seafoods.  Officer responded and unable to locate the vehicle.
1108 TRAFFIC STOP- CITATION Citation issued to JENNIFER ARNOLD while driving at 3rd Avenue and Wells Fargo for speed.
1219 MVA-D RP, reported she was in a minor MVA-D with her boyfriend on Washington Street.   Officer met with RP and PAR Forms were given out.
1457 WELFARE CHECK City Utility Office requested a welfare check on subject at  Lincoln st.   SAST advised.
1512 PARKING COMPLAINT Chief advised of a motorhome improperly parked on Jefferson between Peking and the Catholic Church.   Officer advised.
1714 BURGLARY RP reported a burglary at SMIC that happened on Monday morning. The suspect stole a $3500 welder, and used a motorcycle with no headlights. The suspect cut a hole in the fence and RP requested extra patrols.
1240 THEFT RP reported someone had stolen his $260 bike at Icicle Seafoods. It was described as a light avocado green bike with a wooden rack on the back. Officer patrolled in the area and downtown, but found no bike matching the description.
1755 911 HANGUP/MISDIAL A 911 misdial came from the harbor area on 3rd Avenue. No sounds of distress were heard, and on callback it rang until it hang up. Officer was advised.
1759 FIRE DISPATCH Guardian Security reported a fire alarm at the Hotel 360. SVAC, SVFD dispatched. Fire officer determined it was just burnt popcorn in one of the microwaves. All units canceled.
2257 DRIVING COMPLAINT RP reported a male leaving the Gateway Liquor store, at Seward Highway and North Harbor Street, possibly intoxicated in EVK683 headed north.  Officer was unable to locate out to the three bridges.  SAST dispatch advised.
2310 911 HANGUP/MISDIAL A 911 call was received from Safeway with no sounds and then hung up.  Upon call back caller declined to give his name but did state he was okay, and that it was a misdial.   Officer advised.
August 16 2017
0013 DRIVING COMPLAINT RP reported a Mini Winnie driving erratically near Bayside Apartments on Fourth Avenue.  Officer made contact with Israeli National DIEGO Y SALEM at Fourth Avenue and found he was looking for a place to park and camp for the night.
0122 911 EMERGENCY


RP reported a black bear going in and out of the dumpster at Morris Avenue (Polar Seafoods).  RP states that the bear had made aggressive moves just prior to calling 911.  Officers shot one noise cracker and the bear left the area.
0350 TRAFFIC STOP – CITATION Citation issued to ALEKSANDR G LOZKO at Seward Highway for speed.


Citation issued to GXT325 at Third Avenue for fail to register vehicle.
0517 911 EMERGENCY


RP reported that the black bear was back at Morris Avenue.  When the officers arrived the bear had left the area.  RP stated he would get some rest and call again if he needed further assistance.
0548 PARKING COMPLAINT Officer spoke with DIEGO Y SALEM at Seward and Nash – parked on the bike path.  SALEM agreed to move the vehicle to an area not on the bike path out of town.


Verbal warning given to GARY DWAYNE NOEL at Seward Highway and North Harbor Street for speed.
0812 MVA-D RP reported that someone backed into his pickup truck at the SBH Parking lot.   Officer met with RP and PAR Form was given.
0830 911 HANG UP/MISDIAL 911 misdial from Swetmann from subject who was calling for a cab.  No sounds of distress.  Officer advised.
1027 MVA-D Chugach National Forest Dispatch and SAST requested an ambulance for a vehicle rollover in the ditch at Seward Highway and Trail River Road.  AST, MPVFD/BCVFD/SVAC dispatched.


AST requested manpower assist from BCVFD at Lincoln for a body recovery.  BCVFD dispatched.


1237 911 INFORMATIONAL RP, called 911 wanting to talk to an Officer reference an earlier incident.  RP told to call business line and spoke with an Officer.
1424 DISTURBANCE HAKIM JONES, requested an Officer to 4th Avenue in reference to his roommate threatening to throw his stuff out of the apartment.  Officer responded and gave JONES and GEORGE VIA Disorderly Conduct Warnings and advised VIA not to remove any items from the apartment.
1708 911 – HANGUP/MISDIAL A 911 open line call was received from 907-

*******in the Harbor Area. No voicemail was setup on callback and no sounds of distress was heard. Information given to Officer.

1749 911 – EMERGENCY


RP requested an ambulance at Seward. SVAC and SVFD were dispatched. SVAC transported patient to the hospital.
1917 THEFT


RP reported that she had money stolen from her at Suds N Swirls and she did not know who had taken the money from her. Officer responded and determined the case to be unfounded because RP had found the money it had only fallen out of her bag.
1958 TRAFFIC STOP – VERBAL WARNING Verbal warning given to Chinese National at 3rd Ave and C St for speed.
2025 TRAFFIC STOP – VERBAL WARNING Verbal warning given to Spain National at 3rd Ave and North Harbor St for failure to stop at stop sign.
2033 TRAFFIC STOP – CITATION Citation issued to BENJAMIN LERMAN at 3rd Ave and Madison St for speed.
2126 AMBULANCE DISPATCHED Lifeline Services requested an ambulance at Oakwood St. SVAC and BCVFD were dispatched. BCVFD made contact with the individual and she stated she was fine and cancelled SVAC.
2144 DISTURBANCE RP reported that someone was screaming near Resurrection Blvd and Bear St. Officer responded and did not hear anyone screaming on either street.
2210 TRAFFIC STOP – VERBAL WARNING Verbal warning given to Malaysian National at Seward Highway for speed.
2216 TRAFFIC STOP – VERBAL WARNING Verbal warning given to AHLAD NARAKULLA at Seward Highway for driving with taillights off after dark.
2324 TRAFFIC STOP – VERBAL WARNING Verbal warning given to Italian National at 3rd Ave and Monroe St for speed.
August 17 2017
0335 TRAFFIC STOP – CITATION Citation issued to NISSON TABAK at Seward Highway and Bear Drive for speed.
0611 PARKING COMPLAINT A parking complaint was left on JDM343 at Fourth and Adams for parking against flow of traffic.
0949 FIRE ALARM Commercial fire alarm sounding at PSMC.  SVFD/SVAC dispatched.  PSMC reported false alarm and no response needed.  D81 responded to reset alarm.
1107 PARKING WARNING Parking warning given to vehicle parked at 5th Avenue and Hotel Seward. 
1134 ANIMAL / DOMESTIC ACO requested a case for dog barking at Dora Way.  ACO responded.
1313 LOST AND FOUND RP turned in a woman’s ring that was found in the female restroom at City Hall.  Info entered in Lost/Found Book.
1341 TRAFFIC STOP- CITATION X2 Citations issued to DIANA BOLAND while driving at 3rd and Madison for speed and fail to show proof of insurance.
1345 911 HANG UP/MISDIAL 911 pocket dial from SBH area.  No sounds of distress.  Officer advised.
1458 911 HANG UP/MISDIAL 911 pocket dial from Lagoon area.  No sounds of distress.  Officer advised.
1530 TRAFFIC STOP- CITATION Citation issued to NILEEMA SHINGTE while driving at 3rd and C Street for speed.
1607 THEFT RP reported someone had stolen her birdfeeder from behind Bayview Apartments. Officer spoke to RP who stated she thought subject had stolen it. Officer went to the residence of subject and no one was home. Officer left a business card on the door.
1632 PARKING COMPLAINT RP reported that people were parked on the bike path near Port Ave and Seward Highway. Officer spoke to the owner of the shrimp stand and asked him not to have customers park on the bike path.
1901 TRAFFIC STOP – CITATION Citation issued to ANTHONY TIRRI at 3rd Ave and C St for speed.
2011 TRAFFIC STOP – CITATION Citation issued to SONGQING ZHAO at 3rd Ave and Jefferson St for speed.
2103 TRAFFIC STOP – VERBAL WARNING Verbal warning given to THOMAS SHEA at 3rd Ave and North Harbor St for failure to stop at stop sign.
2218 ILLEGAL CAMPING Officer attempted to contact illegal campers at 5th Ave and Adams St. There was no one present in vehicle EFK209.
2300 LOST AND FOUND Thorn’s Bartender gave a backpack to an Officer after it had been sitting in Thorns for a week. Officer determined the backpack belonged to a known subject.
2307 MISSING PERSON RP reported that he has not heard from his brother since 8/15. A locate advisement was placed on subject per Officer’s request.
August 18 2017


Verbal warning given to JAMES KIM at 3rd and B St for speed.
1548 INTOXICATED PEDESTRIAN RP reported an intoxicated pedestrian walking northbound on the Seward Highway near Sea Lion Avenue. RP reported they were stumbling near the road. Officers contacted subject and transported him next to Safeway to be picked up.
1705 SUSPICIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES RP provided drug information.  Officer was notified of involved individuals.
2118 TROOPER ARREST Trooper’s arrested GARY LASHBROOK for DUI and transported him to SCJ.
2145 TRAFFIC STOP – CITAITON Citation issued to ALINA SALGANICOFF for speed at 3rd Avenue and B Street.
2250 FIRE DISPATCHED PR reported a smoke alarm at Icicle Seafoods cafeteria.  SVFD/SVAC dispatched.


Citations issued to PAUL PRIMICERIO at Essential One for speed and failure to carry proof of insurance.
August 19 2017


AST requested an Officer to the corner of Seward and Herman Leirer Rd to assist with a fight in progress.  Trooper arrested NOEL WILSON for DUI.  Trooper contacted 3 other subjects.
1032 AMBULANCE DISPATCHED Ambulance requested to Lowell. SVAC and SVFD dispatched. Patient transported to hospital by SVAC.
1114 SUSPICIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES RP reported a suspicious person at The Cup who was on a bike and possibly on drugs. RP stated she saw him at around 0940, and that the person working at The Cup also felt uncomfortable. Officer advised.
1223 TRAFFIC STOP –  VERBAL WARNING Verbal warning given to a foreign national driving GXZ770 at Seward Highway near Safeway for speed.
1246 INFORMATIONAL A wallet was found near mile 37 on the Seward Highway. Troopers were advised and it was taken to their lost and found.
1343 911 HANGUP/MISDIAL A 911 misdial came from subject who stated he was at the Harbormaster bathrooms. No sounds of distress were heard, and an officer was notified.
1525 TROOPER ARREST Troopers arrested CALEY CASSIDY wanted for a warrant, and transported to her to SCJ.


RP reported a blue dirtbike was riding fast back and forth through the river at Nash Rd. Officer responded and could not find anyone fitting the description.
1618 LOST AND FOUND Officer picked up an electric scooter found outside Adams St after being left there for a week. Item logged into Lost and Found.
1708 POWER OUTAGE RP reported a power outage on 2nd Ave between Madison St and Monroe St. The on call electric and water was notified. Power was restored.
1831 TRAFFIC STOP – CITATION Citation issued to JASON BAUMGARTNER at Mile 1 Seward Highway for speed.
1919 TRAFFIC STOP – CITATION Citation issued to BENJAMIN KATT at Seward Highway for speed.


RP reported loud bangs coming from east end of Monroe St possibly gunshots. Officers responded and talked to some campers on the beach who stated that some people were lighting off fireworks. Officers could not locate the people who set off the fireworks.


RP reported a silver truck with license plate GJD751 was swerving on the Seward Highway heading southbound. Officer stopped the vehicle and talked to driver. Officer did not smell any alcohol and driver stated he may have been distracted by an electronic device but was not texting.
August 20 2017
1045 PUBLIC ASSIST RP reported that another boat collided with him in the small boat harbor. RP stated he did not exchange information with the other boat driver, and that the other boat driver declined to pay for an examination at his request. RP spoke with an officer.
1143 911 HANGUP/MISDIAL At the waterfront campgrounds subject accidentally dialed 911. Subject stated everything was okay, and there were no sounds of distress heard. Officer was advised.
1157 AGENCY ASSIST RP wanted to report a DV at his residence in Salmon Creek Road. RP was advised to contact SAST.

Later RP reported that his stored property at Marathon was being taken out onto the lawn and being destroyed by female. Officer contacted female who stated she was moving RP’s property out of her house at Marathon, and to his residence at Salmon Creek Road.

1206 THEFT RP reported a theft at Safeway by known subject and his girlfriend who stole some meat. RP stated they left in a pickup truck with unknown direction. Officer interviewed employee. 
1407 TROOPER ARREST Troopers arrested TONYA DAVIS for a warrant and transported her to SCJ.
1512 CIVIL ISSUE RP reported a tour bus hitting the overhang at the Breeze Inn. Officer determined it was a civil issue.
1600 TRAFFIC STOP – CITATION Citation issued to VIANNEY CHAUVET at Seward Highway and Sea Lion Ave for speed.
1901 HARBORMASTER ON CALL RP reported a possible bilge alarm going off on a boat named Aleutian Isle. The on call harbormaster was notified and after driving down there stated that someone was working on the boat and did not hear the alarm.
1910 TRAFFIC STOP – CITATION Citation issued to TABITHA WALLER at the Benny Benson Memorial for speed.


RP reported that a man and woman were yelling at each other in a green van parked at 3rd Ave. Officer spoke to a female and male. The Officer determined it was mutual combat. Officer transported the female and her child to the Police Department.
2332 911 HANGUP/MISDIAL A 911 misdial was received from subject as he was walking through the waterfront campgrounds heading home.  Initial sounds of people talking and laughing.
2356 DISORDERLY CONDUCT WARNING An anonymous caller reported that a male wearing a dark hoodie, and work clothes, of medium height and build yelling in Rays parking lot.  Officer made contact with ALDEN BILLY BOYSCOUT and gave him a disorderly conduct warning.
August 21 2017
0031 TRAFFIC STOP – CITATION Citation issued to STEVEN L FREISHER at Seward Highway and Dairy Hill Road for speed.
0433 PARKING COMPLAINT X 2 Officer ticketed AK/LIC GYU448 at 218 Fourth Avenue for failure to register vehicle and blocking traffic on a roadway.
0613 WELFARE CHECK RP with Cruise Line Agencies requested a welfare check on an overdue long haul driver.  RP gave plate ID’s for the tractor, trailer and box, but didn’t have the state(s) of registration.  RP called back to state after further contact with his dispatch office he had been held up at a weigh station in Tok.
0713 AMBULANCE REQUESTED Ambulance requested to Phoenix.  Forms sent.


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