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South Harbor Uplands Parking Location Closing for Fireworks Display on July 3rd

This release is to inform the public, both residents and visitors, to the city of Seward, Alaska, that on Monday, July 3rd at 1:00PM, the South Harbor Uplands location will be closed in preparation for that evenings midnight fireworks display.

At 1:00PM, the location is closed to new parking guests and visitors, and any vehicles remaining in the area after 8:00PM that evening will be removed by towing companies that will be on hand at that time.

It is to be noted that vehicles parked beyond the bathroom facility and the Seward Mariners’ Memorial are welcome to stay throughout the evening, but that the vehicles parked in this Permit-Only area will not be permitted to leave the area until 1:00AM, the morning of July 4th, after the display has concluded.


If you are planning on doing long-term parking in the Seward Boat Harbor area over the course of that evening, there are other long-term options available, and additional arrangements can be made, if necessary, by contacting the Parking Department at (907) 224-7878.

Happy Independence Day!


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