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A Letter of Gratitude from Nele Hohenstein

I went with the wrestling team to Barrow

4478.04 miles air distance between my two homes.

I wanted to go on exchange since I was 14 years old and it came true because of Rotary International. I lived in Seward for the last 11 months. I really enjoyed my time here. I had awesome and memorable experiences. I really want to say thanks to my Rotary Club in Germany and to the Club in Seward. I must say thank you to my host families: family Walker, family Moriarty and Kristi Larson. They helped me a lot. Now I can proudly say that I have more than one family in the USA.

I know there is one more reason for my year being memorable: my school Seward High School. I had so many unforgettable memories from this place. I had the change to be on 4 sport teams: Cross Country, Wrestling, Nordic Skiing and Track and Field. I really want to say thank you to my coaches, who believed in me thoughout the whole year. And to the teachers, who helped me whenever I had problems.


At the Winter Formal. From right to left: Emma Armand, EmmaLee Moore, Sadie Lindquist, Sarah Meinema, Nele Hohenstein, Ruby Lindquist.

Overall my experience was just amazing. I will really miss everything, especially my best friends: Ruby and Sadie Lindquist, EmmaLee Moore and two other exchange students, who stayed in Seward too: Emma Armand (France) and Sarah Meinema (Netherlands). We had many, many memorable moments together here. And I want say thank you to family Bickling. The Bicklings were there for me all the time and I’m so grateful.

I had the chance to run the Mt. Marathon Race and Im so happy that I finished it. Now I can call myself a real Alaskan girl.

There are too many things and too many people I want to say thanks to.


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