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baby walrus

What a treat to watch the orphaned baby walrus at the Alaska Sealife Center. Every day, there is something new to see. Only about two weeks old when he first arrived from Nome, he immediately learned to seek love from the 24/7 ASLC staff, cuddling against their slick rain pants. Now he can drink from a bottle, climb in and out of his pool, and submit to veterinary exams including sonograms and fingers in his mouth. (Yes, he has milk teeth). Only about a month old, he is still very much a baby and takes lots of long naps. Thanks to Alaska Sealife Center for their expertise and exhausting (and expensive) dedication to care for this little guy. Donations are greatly appreciated to help provide for his care. And, if you are a member, you can come any time to check on him!


Carol Griswold


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