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The Sun is Awake – Family Reading

The Sun is Awake Book Reading by Illustrator Jean Polowski Reilly

Seward Community Library & Museum

Saturday, June 24, 2017 at 1pm

Children’s Room

(during the Play Time drop-in program with books and musical instruments)



Treasured moments at grandmother’s house and unconditional love for her grandson is portrayed in this culturally mosaic diverse book. He tells us about his overnight stay and how he and his grandmother play with trains, play outside, eat his favorite foods and play shadow games. This is a loving, heartwarming story written from the author’s heart, encouraging all grandparents worldwide to spend time with their grandchildren, thus spreading sunshine in their lives. Cheerful, endearing illustrations accompany the lyrical rhyme in this family story.

Jean Polowski Reilly, Illustrator, enjoys being surrounded by children’s books. As an educator and reading specialist for many years in Seward and Moose Pass, she read and reread hundreds of children’s books with her students. Although new as an illustrator, Jean authored LifePac Science 108: All about Energy. She travels extensively and lives abroad with her husband, Patrick, in Salamanca, Spain.



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