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Racers train on Mt Marathon Race Trail

Parked vehicles lined Lowell Canyon Road and adjacent side streets today as Junior and Senior racers practiced on the rugged Mount Marathon race trail. Conditions were ideal under sunny skies with a nice south breeze and temperatures ranging from the high 50s to 65º. Race rules require that first-time racers must complete the trail at least once before the big event on July 4th.

Today was Safety Tour Day, a special training opportunity. From 1 to 3 pm,  a group of veteran runners helped coach and guide participants up and down the bottom third of the mountain.  Thanks to all these volunteers from the Mount Marathon Race Committee and Alaska Mountain Runners for their invaluable help.

The photo below shows the remainder of  the course to the Junior Race Point for racers 7 to 17 years old, and the Race Point where the Senior racers age 18 and up turn around. Click on photo twice for largest image.


The Mount Marathon Hiking Trail  for those who are not racers starts at First Avenue and Monroe Street a few blocks to the north on First Avenue.

Carol Griswold


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