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Letter to the Editor from Nicholas Reaume on Proposition One

My name is Nicholas Reaume. I wrote this reaching out to my fellow Alaskans on the Kenai Peninsula. Our cannabis community is a hard working collection of families. And we are working hard to create a safe, industry in Alaska for years to come. I want Alaska to know that Proposition One on our October ballot will destroy what we have created.

I’m writing you this letter, I have something to say.
I’m going to bring it to you for solstice, our longest day.
I have very little time, only so many words to write.
I’d like to thank my fellow Alaskans for standing tall,
And helping win the fight.
As the era of prohibition is over, and a fresh one breaks through,
A new era of the people is what we have to look forward to.
For those of you that know, and those who can’t say they do,
I would like to offer some knowledge about this plant that is true.
Cannabinoid receptors that lie naturally in our brain,
Allow this medicine to help us, and dull most every pain.
The sickest of the dying, can be the strongest of the weak
Even if their outlook is dim and very bleak.
From seizures to cancer, and depression the same.
Fibromyalgia, those who live in pain.
ADHD, to the HIV.
And the veterans living with PTSD
Way too many illnesses that I can write here.
Imagine all the life, Imagine all the cures.This medicine is so much more than what the opposers say.
As they drink their scotch, aged twelve thousand days.


Now, I am not here to bash those who chase their fears.
Or dilute their conclusion in red wine and pilsner beers.

I’m here to bring some knowledge about this medicine that’s true.
And once you know the facts you will know what to do.
We have triumphed before, we will triumph again.
Please register to vote, tell your neighbor bring a friend.

As you float on the water, or fly in the air
This summer as you take in our wonderful air.
Remember the families that work this season through,
To bring this healing industry right to you.

It’s more than someone’s party. It’s like a way of life.
It’s more like a healing industry. It’s also your Alaskan right.
I leave you with these words, and then I have to run.
Have a great summer under the Kenai Peninsula midnight sun,
And PLEASE, vote NO on Proposition one.

Thank You,
Nicholas Reaume


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