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Boating Accident Near Cape Fairfield Leaves 2 Dead

Google Map of the search area. The red marking pin indicates Cape Fairfield.
By Allison Sayer for Seward City News-

A boat capsized in the Cape Fairfield area on Saturday, June 16th, leaving two dead. Two survivors made it to a beach, where they flagged down a passing vessel. They got the vessel’s attention by waving objects: a flag and a plastic cone.

Many details are currently either unknown or unavailable, but Coast Guard Petty Officer Jon-Paul Rios was able to release some information regarding the immediate response to the accident.


The capsized vessel did not put out a Mayday call; further rescue efforts were launched by the vessel that picked up the survivors. The survivors told their rescuers there were two others on board who were missing. The good Samaritan vessel sent out a Mayday.

The Coast Guard launched helicopters from Kodiak and Cordova. Numerous good Samaritan vessels in the vicinity converged upon the Cape Fairfield area. A good Samaritan vessel found one victim in the water. He was unresponsive, and the rescuers performed CPR. Advanced medical help later pronounced the man dead. A Coast Guard helicopter found the other victim. He also did not survive.

No information is currently available as to whether anybody on board the capsized vessel was wearing PFDs, the details of the vessel, the identity of anyone on board, or the cause of the accident. The Alaska State Troopers will perform a thorough investigation in the near future.

Despite the accident’s tragic outcome, Coast Guard Petty Officer Rios expressed gratitude for the role good Samaritans played in the rescue effort.


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