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Teen Rec Room Will Be Closed on Tuesday May 23

Please note a scheduling change which will close the teen only REC ROOM on Tuesday, May 23 in order to join the celebration of graduating seniors from Seward High School. Teenagers who remain committed to attending and passing high school courses are to be congratulated, since not every Alaskan makes this commitment. Parks & Recreation staff will be attending various graduation ceremonies with teens who normally attend Rec Room programs. We encourage all students to enjoy graduation’s pomp and circumstance and then join the community celebration’s open house with cake and cookies, to follow.

The Rec Room staff and participants congratulate all graduating seniors with special accolades to three Teen Council members: Tia Miranda, Elias Davis and Sully Hauze. All three are student-athletes as well as volunteers in various community events as well as contributing their service hours to parks and recreation, Teen & Youth Center and Rec Room programs and causes. Congratulations.


The Rec Room will resume normal hours on Wed, May 24 to celebrate the last day of the school year this spring. Summer hours for the Rec Room begin the next day: the Rec Room will be open Tuesday through Saturday, beginning at 5:00 pm. The program is essentially free to all teens, but the Teen Council works all year long to raise funds to cover the “invisible” charge of one dollar per teen. For more information regarding the Rec Room, please call 224-4056 or Traci at 224-4057 or see and likes us on Facebook/RecRoom.


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