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Save the Whale?

I noticed the other day some construction work going on around the large humpback whale and cormorant mural that is on the south side of Christo’s Palace restaurant. This started to concern me as the workers were painting red markers on the wall, some of them covering the mural.

I am afraid that Christo’s has some plans to make this mural no longer prominent in the community (or even obsolete) and that would be a shame! As many locals know, Seward is the Mural Capital of Alaska. Our displays of community art are super beautiful and unique and I feel visitors love to see it around town. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen someone take their picture right under that exact mural. It’s a perfect spot for visitors exiting the SeaLife Center to see one of the ocean’s wonders- the humpback whale after learning all about our abundant wildlife in the fjords and beyond.


Are there others that support this mural and want to have it stick around? I understand that wall is part of Christo’s and is therefore private property, but for the beauty of the town can it be left as is? Does anyone have some insider information as to the plans of this beautiful mural? Thanks for your help and concern!
Stephanie Wright


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