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Open House Planned for Advanced Physical Therapy May 5th

New gym space. Photo: Michelle Strubeck
By Michelle Strubeck for Seward City News-

Open House May 5th

Enjoying the new treatment rooms and larger facility is what patients and staff are doing at Advanced Physical Therapy. The new facility, located in the Petro building on the corner of 4th and Adams, is bright, modern and spacious. Advanced Physical Therapy made the move in mid March and to celebrate there will be an Open House on Friday, May 5th. You are cordially invited to attend.

Festivities will begin at 4:00 P.M. with a ribbon cutting ceremony with representatives from the Chamber of Commerce. The Open House will take place from 6:00 – 8:00 P.M. Clinical Director Erin Danielson and Site Manager Peter Burke will each speak to express their gratitude to the community for their support and talk about how Advanced Physical Therapy is looking forward to serving the community in the future. The open house will also include a tour of the new facility and wellness education opportunities. Clinicians will be available to speak to those in attendance individually answering any questions they may have.

One of the new treatment rooms at Advanced Physical Therapy. Photo: Michelle Strubeck

The New Space

The former space that was occupied by Advanced Physical Therapy was on the small side, but lack of space wasn’t the only reason for the move. Over the last two years, Advanced Physical Therapy has experienced steady growth in patient care. With an increase in patient care, relocating to a new facility was almost inevitable. The new location was on their radar for approximately six months. Deciding on the new location was a collaboration collecting feedback from patients, staff and the community. The new facility is clean, comfortable, spacious and professional. The added space also allows for more privacy.

The Petro Marine Crew was instrumental in allowing Advanced Physical Therapy to have their dream space. Fifth Avenue Fitness owner Marvin Tapsfield also played an important role, helping determine how the space could be best utilized. Erin Danielson, Clinical Director, was responsible for ensuring the new space be optimal for patient care, providing a comfortable, healing space.

The new space has four treatment rooms as opposed to 2 1/2 at the previous location, and a larger gym space. The new facility provides more room to move for the patients and staff. Bigger treatment rooms allow the physical therapist to work around the table in a sufficient space. The gym area provides proper space for the patients to move and practice their exercises. A new treadmill has been added along with an unloaded leg press, which allows for weight bearing functional movement of the lower extremities. Advanced Physical Therapy added new small pieces of exercise equipment for a variety of exercises as well.

Exercise equipment. Photo: Michelle Strubeck

About Advanced Physical Therapy

Advanced Physical Therapy takes a holistic approach to care for the whole person. One aspect that sets Advanced Physical Therapy apart is that they operate on a one on one model. Each patient gets one hour with their physical therapist, and there are no technicians. The physical therapist performs a complete analysis of movement patterns including searching for pain generators or aggravating activities. Upon completing an evaluation the physical therapist creates an individualized plan that allows for healing and recovery.

Clinical Director Erin Danielson explained there is a common misconception that physical therapy can only be helpful if you have had a surgery or injury. Physical therapy can provide much more. The clinicians hope to continue to share what services are available. Erin stated that she sometimes explains to patients we need to take care of our bodies in the way we take care of our cars. It takes some maintenance and tune-ups and you have to listen to how things are going. Ensuring our engines are tuned helps us to continue to keep running well!

Erin also explained that the clinicians are highly trained in manual therapy (massage/kneading and manipulation of muscles and joints). This provides specific mobilization throughout the body to help a patient return to the most optimal level of performance possible. There are multiple reasons manual therapy is beneficial. A few of those reasons include reducing fibrous lesions within the tissue that limit mobility, providing beneficial afferent information (arriving messages to the brain) to aid in the health of the nervous system, assisting lymphatic mobility and immune function, dampening the sympathetic system (fight or flight response) and helping ‘undo’ the loads on we put on our bodies with work and play.

Take neck pain for example. As Erin explained, a physical therapist will evaluate the patient to determine if the lesion is coming from the disc, facet joint, muscle, or a pinched or irritated nerve. This is done through the patient’s provided history, information and physical exam. Treatment can then include manual therapy, patient education on skills training for modifications on posture, modalities to reduce pain and assist in tissue healing and an individualized care plan to ensure resolution of the injury and ensure casual factors are minimized. The clinicians are also very good at helping patients understand and perform more optimal movement to minimize the risk of a repeat injury.

In regards to walking and running, therapists evaluate multiple joints and motions to determine fault through the ‘kinetic chain’. Physical therapists can perform a gait (walking and running) analysis in conjunction with a physical exam at each joint to ensure the joints and tissues are doing what they should and functioning together properly.

A neurological assessment can aid in balance and activity modification suggestions. Fall prevention and skills to increase safety in mobility are also very important in physical therapy. This also includes the vestibular system and vertigo.

Advanced Physical Therapy has also worked on outreach programs within the Seward community and surrounding areas. They have built relationships with providers, physicians and surgeons to provide successful collaborative care for patients. Erin Danielson went on to say that so far they have received very encouraging feedback.

Collin Atkinson, one of the physical therapists and an avid runner, moved to Seward from Minnesota last August after completing graduate school. Aside from his love of the outdoors and enjoying life in a rural setting he also echoed the sentiments of what others have said about Advanced Physical Therapy. Collin stated that the one on one care is something that is rare in the lower 48. He also added that as a work environment the clinic is awesome!

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