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Humpback whales along the Waterfront!

Two humpback whales cruised along the Waterfront and Lowell Point Road yesterday. What a thrill to hear their explosive breath, see the vapor plumes erupt, and watch the enormous dark back and dorsal fin slide up then back into the water. Steller sea lions also surged along the shore, surfacing to breathe much more often as they too chased their fishy prey. Clouds of Black-legged Kittiwakes, Mew and Glauc0us-winged Gulls feasted on the bait balls, crying excitedly. Often, the frantic gulls’ presence signaled where the whales would appear next. Listen and watch for the whales and other marine life as you walk the first mile of the Iditarod National Historic Trail along the waterfront between the harbor and the Alaska Sealife Center. What a place we live, Seward!

Carol Griswold



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