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Fairbanks Band Harm and Seward Artist Kwangsook Shaefermeyer at Rez Art Fri June 2

From Micheley Kowalski-

Hello Friends of Resurrect Art!

I just wanted to give you an update on two events happening at Resurrect Art this week.  First off, we have the talented Kwangsook Schaefermeyer as our First Friday artist.  Her show titled “Let It Shine” will feature acrylic paintings.  We’re so excited to see her new work!  Hope to see you for the art opening between 6pm and 8pm on Friday.

Then, later that evening, we will have a performance by Fairbanks band Harm starting at 8:30pm.  We’re really excited to welcome this group to our Rez Art stage.  Here is a brief description of their musical style:


Harm is an Alaskan ensemble that defies the bounds of typical genre standards. Blending psych-folk and hip-hop with classical themes the experimental chamber group defies any notion of musical normativity. Focused on texture and lyrical activism, Harm utilizes harmonium, banjo, bass, cello, clarinet, guitar, beat boxing and vocal layering to explore themes of violence, gender and sexuality. Whether the music compels you to dance or intently listen it leaves you with a feeling that is hard to describe, and not easily dismissed.

There is a $10-$20 suggested donation at the door for this show.

Hope to see you at one or both of these events on Friday!Thank you so much for your support, ~Your Rez Art Crew


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