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You Can Stop This!

The state school board is proposing to close the high school pool for the months of June and July, due to budget constraints. This is unconscionable. The pool is is an absolute necessity for those of us who are older, and who have lifelong diseases (diabetes, for one) and/or are recovering from injuries for which the pool is the only option for physician ordered exercise and therapy. The older folks are dedicated swimmers, morning and evening. Impact exercise is not an option for us. Then there are the moms and dads with their children who are there every week, without fail, mid day and at night. The residents at Hope House are regular attendants, as well. They need it for not only weekly exercise, but it gives them joyful social contact.
And then there are the dedicated ladies who maintain the pool, who depend on it for income. Sylvia is an amazing woman, as well as Nita, and Megan, and several others.


Last but absolutely not the least, there is the inconvenience this will cause the dedicated parents and swimmers on the teams. I have watched these young folks practice. It is their passion.
So , people, pick up that phone. Trevan Walker, the high school principal, is welcoming comments. I am told he is NOT in favor of this, but is between a rock and a hard place. He is a genuinely caring individual. His number is. 224-9077. But we also need to call Sean Dusek, the Superintendent. Phone number 907-714-8888. Ask for him when you call. Then there is Julie Cisco, at 907-714-8820. She is the “pool person” who is pushing this. Lastly, attend the school board meeting on Monday, May first, at 7pm in the auditorium. Please take action. We can turn this around, as they have at other pools in the state.
Thank you.


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