Thank You Seward!

Dear Editor –

On March 17th and 18th Marathon Wrestling Club hosted a 2 day wrestling tournament at the Alaska Railroad Cruise Ship Terminal in Seward.  During the 2 day event, 676 wrestlers competed in Greco-Roman and Freestyle wrestling matches.  Our goal was to provide a safe venue that could accommodate a large number of wrestlers over the course of 2 days, the Alaska Railroad Terminal was the perfect choice!  I would like to thank everyone that came together and helped us make this a successful event that we hope to host yearly.

Marathon Wrestling Club is a very small organization and we could not have accomplished this large tournament without help from our local community.  The following individuals and businesses went above and beyond:

Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Resurrection Bay Baptist Church, Sara Martin, 3 Bears, Safeway, Apollo Restaurant, Dependable Janitor, TelAlaska, Allen King, One Shot Photography, Seward Resort, Seward High School, Seward City Church, Nikiski Wrestling Club, Soldotna Wrestling Club, Christy Terry, Ronn Hemstock, Jodi Kurtz, Stephanie Schilling, Ashleigh & Cesar Hidalgo, Stephanie Mullaly, Beth Ann Johnson, Lexi and Cody Gilmore, Betty and Jim Gilmore and many more.  If I forgot anyone, please forgive me!

I would also like to personally thank Claire Robertson for doing a beautiful job singing the National Anthem on Friday and Saturday!


A big thank you goes to Coaches Nate Smith, Eric Higbee, Cris Schilling, Rob Kurtz, Brian Mullaly and Dave Loring.  Without all of you amazing coaches this club would be nothing, thank you for spending hours and hours of your lives with our wrestlers!!

Thank You

Jewel Williams

Marathon Wrestling Club


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