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19th Mayor’s Cup a huge success!

The rain held off and the snow was deep for the exciting 19th Mayor’s Cup Race held at Seavey’s Corner on Saturday afternoon. For the 19th time, Fireman Richard Schmidt built a roaring, welcoming bonfire. The appreciative crowd gathered ’round to roast hot dogs and marshmallows and chat. Then, the fifteen teams of absolutely novice mushers sponsored by local businesses received a brief lesson on the art of dog mushing from Danny Seavey: DON’T LET GO. The highly trained and practically hysterical dog teams of three knew what to do: GO FAST!

Released in two minute intervals, the teams raced on a groomed trail in a large loop and returned to the finish line with big smiles to cheers and applause from the gathered crowd. At the end of the race, Danny filled a sled basket full of enthusiastic kids and took them for a special ride around the course. Afterwards, Dan Seavey and the Seward Iditarod Trail Blazers presented each musher with a ribbon and awarded prizes for First Place, Participant Draw, the best Hard Luck story, and the Red Lantern for last place.

The Seward Iditarod Trail Blazers thanks all the sponsors for their generous support of the race; Dan Seavey, his family, and the Trail Blazers for making it happen; Dan, Mitch, and Danny Seavey, and Rick Tarpey for providing the dog teams and gear; Richard Schmidt for the bonfire; all the kennel owners, trail groomers, timers, trail guards, and concession folks for your cheerful help to make this fun community event possible. Thanks to First National Bank for sponsoring the Musher’s Mixer for the 19th time. Thanks to the Seward Area Quilters for the beautiful quilt for the Participant Draw. And a super special thanks to all the volunteer mushers for their excellent attitudes and courage to hang on for the wild ride behind those fantastic athletes!

If you would like to join the Seward Trail Blazers, receive the monthly newsletter, and learn more about the Iditarod National Historic Trail (aka the Bike Path at Mile Zero and beyond) please contact or PO Box 2323, Seward, AK 99664.

Below in winning time order are the sponsoring companies, the volunteer racer, the dog team owner, and the final standing:

  1. SHORESIDE PETROLEUM  Chance Lechner                    Dan Seavey        1st Place 5:13 Traveling Trophy
  2. HOTEL 360O                            Sara Talamantes                   Mitch Seavey     2nd Place 5:55
  3. SEWARD FISHERIES             Lucus Pulis                            Mitch Seavey     3rd Place 5;59
  4. FIRST NATIONAL BANK       Jesse Lowery                         Mitch Seavey     4th Place  6:09
  5. HARMON CONSTRUCTION   Rudey Gaussoin                 Mitch Seavey      5th Place, 6:10
  6. LIB/MUSEUM                           Mattie McGraw                    Mitch Seavey     6th Place 6:23
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  8. TEL ALASKA                              Katie Evans                           Mitch Seavey     7th Place 6:26
  9. KENAI FJORDS TOURS          Cierra Hahn                         Mitch Seavey     8th Place 6:39
  10. SEWARD SHIPS’ CHANDLERY    Todd German                Mitch Seavey     9th Place 6:40
  11. ALASKA MARINE COATING    Raine Ritz                           Rick Tarpey       10th Place 7:08
  12. GATEWAY CHEVRON            Kiersten Varon Kjellstadli  Rick Tarpey        11th Place 7:11
  13. CAP CONSTRUCTION              Tracie Petersen                    Dan Seavey        12th Place 7:21
  14. SEWARD PROPERTIES           Callie Stark                           Rick Tarpey       13th Place 7:48
  15. ALASKA MARINE COATING Gavin Medcalf                       Rick Tarpey      14th Place 8:37  Participant Draw Quilt
  16. VIGOR                                           Kristopher Lillemo             Mitch Seavey    15th Place 11:56 Hard Luck traveling trophy and Red Lantern       Submitted by Carol Griswold   


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