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Tsunami Warning System Test on March 29

The State of Alaska Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management, in cooperation with NOAA’s National Weather Service and the Alaska Broadcasters Association, will conduct a test of the Tsunami Warning System on March 29, 2017.  This test commemorates the anniversary of The 1964 Great Alaska Earthquake and Tsunami.

Alaska will use the exercise to conduct a “live code” test of the Emergency Alert System in Alaska.  At approximately 10:15 am Wednesday, March 29, 2017, the Emergency Alert System and NOAA Weather Radio will deliver a test tsunami warning message to the southern coast of Alaska. While the message will be a “test” message, the codes used to activate the system will be the real codes used in an actual tsunami warning.  Your cooperation is critical.  Following the test please respond to a survey at:

This test provides an excellent opportunity for tsunami and earthquake preparedness activities including:

         Testing local warning  / siren systems

         Outreach and education on tsunamis and earthquakes

         “Drop, cover and hold-on” drills

         Review of tsunami evacuation procedures and routes


         Emergency operations center exercises (Various emergency operations center exercises are available at

While not every area of the State is at risk for tsunami, many citizens visit tsunami hazard areas for recreation or business.  Likewise, Alaska has a high earthquake hazard and this test recalls the 1964 disaster that touched all of Alaska.

We encourage your community to use the March test for emergency preparedness and outreach.  Please feel free to share the attached “Chill, It’s a Drill” flyer in your community.

We are here to answer any questions in support of your local tsunami and earthquake preparedness efforts.  We have earthquake and tsunami outreach materials available upon request.  Contact Dan Belanger at (907)428-7034 for more information.




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