Do You Know?

From the first moment of contact with 911 Dispatch I knew we were in good hands. I know through previous training that the caller never “hangs up” first. No way was this dispatcher going to let that happen. She was on the line with me until the fire trucks were rolling to our location…and that was FAST!Within minutes a first responder was in our driveway in contact with our service area fire fighters. Does he know what a comfort that was?

Kent and I feel fortunate to live in such a caring community, knowing when misfortune happens, we have those among us that can handle the situation in a comforting professional manner. Because we have conscientious, well trained volunteers that respond quickly, because safety is their number one concern, because of interdepartmental back-up between our fire departments, we have a team of volunteers that rank high on the ladder of community service.  Do YOU know how well-covered our community is in case of fire catastrophes?

Our Fire/EMS service in the Bear Creek and Seward areas is top notch. Kent and I extend a special thank-you to all those volunteers that responded to our stack fire on the evening of February 28. Each of you in your own way helped make a “bad situation” a manageable one. Thank you all for your respect of personal property and putting a high priority in keeping the water damage to a minimum. Had WE ever thought we would need the services of our devoted fire departments? Do You?

Our aftermath is going smoothly, thanks to Custom Creations by Hartman.Kent called Ed shortly after the fire crew left the eve of the fire and Ed’s comment “How can I help?” was so reassuring. He was out the following day. His crew is conscientious, neat and orderly with respect of our time and property.They are doing a fantastic job of getting our home and lives back on track.


Fire can be devastating – even small ones turn your lives upside down. Who knew we have so many wonderful people in our community that reach out in times of need?


Kent and Rhonnie Berklund


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