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Building His Way to Engineering

The following article was written by Seward High School junior Kendyl Morris.  For more student news, please visit http://shstoday.org/

From making a simple machine to creating the newest iPhone, engineering is around us everywhere. As stated by senior Logan Smith, “engineering is a lot of learning equations and simple machines, and the class is working their way to building solar power equipment.” This is a class for the curious mind, the type of people who take your pens apart just to put them back together — people like Logan.

Logan Smith has played a great role in the engineering program in Seward High. He’s now taking this class beyond high school with his acceptance into University of Alaska Fairbanks in Civil Engineering. He’s created a variety of projects — one dealing with the 3D printer. While partnering with Mrs. Cronin, Logan has taken time outside of classes to create a program where he and other students can design their own models with the 3D printer. He even was invited to join the Honor Society for UAF due to his academic achievements. There’s been a few bumps in the road, but so far he’s been able to fix any problems that he comes across. Along with this, he is currently working with the engineering class to create a charging station within the school that is solely based on renewable energy. This task sounds difficult, but Logan has been preparing for being an engineer his whole life.


When he was younger, he recalls “taking apart toys” out of pure curiosity. Figuring out how and why things work the way they do was far more appealing to Logan than the actual toy. Before he planned for engineering, he saw his natural tinkering a form of “curiosity”. He didn’t strive to be an engineer until his father brought to Logan’s attention how much engineering runs in his blood. Many family members on both his mother’s and father’s sides have been involved with the engineering field, which may explain Logan’s talent in math and sciences.

Logan suggests for everyone to take the class, even if it’s not something you’re originally interested in. He states getting involved with engineering can “help get the wheel turning” by teaching others how to solve problems. This skill of problem solving can help within any field of work you choose. He also keeps in mind that being wrong is very common. “If you’re not getting defeated, you’re not doing it right.”


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