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Tsunami Bowl Comes to Town

The Alaska Regional National Ocean Bowl competition will be held at Seward High School on February 17-19th.  This is the 20th running of this event hosted by the UAF College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences.  Students arrive from all corners of the state to participate in this event.  This year 16 Alaskan teams as far as Ketchikan and Scammon Bay will be testing their knowledge of ocean science against one another.  

The National Ocean Sciences Bowl was created by the Consortium for Ocean Leadership in the 1990’s to promote knowledge and understanding of the intertwined sciences that make up the marine ecosystem.  Nearly 2000 students from 25 regions compete for the chance to go onto Nationals which this year will be held in Corvalis, Oregon.  Last year the Tsunami Bowl championship went to the Mat-tsunami’s a team representing  Mat-Su Career and Technical High School as coached by Tim Lundt.  This team went on to compete on a national level.

The NOSB is a buzzer-styled competition.  Two teams compete against each other at a time.  Questions are provided; the first team to ‘buzz in’ with the correct answer gets an opportunity to answer a bonus question.  In addition, there are mid-game problem solving questions for teams to ponder. These buzzer rounds will begin Saturday morning with the championship game being held at 10:30 on Sunday morning.


The Alaska Tsunami Bowl is different from other regions in that, in addition to the buzzer competition,  teams write and present research projects based upon a given theme. These projects allow students to apply their knowledge of the ocean ecosystems to local issues.   This year’s theme was “Managing Resources in a Warming Pacific Ocean.” The students will be presenting their research on Friday and early Saturday morning prior to the buzzer rounds.

In short, the Tsunami Bowl is one of the major national competitions for high school students.  The competition requires great rigor and dedication from the students and the schools.  Because of the nature of the NOSB, successful teams are well positioned for college admissions and scholarships.

Unfortunately, this year Seward High School will not be hosting a NOSB team due to lack of sustaining a 4 member team.


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