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Tincan, I’ve Been a Fool. Will You Be My Valentine?

By Allison Sayer for Seward City News –

Dear Tincan,

It’s true. I’ve taken you for granted. I’ve even put you down. I’ve called you crowded. Rolled my eyes at you. Told people I would go anywhere but Tincan.

I’ve Called You Crowded. Photo: Allison Sayer

That first time seemed so long ago, and I thought I’d come so far since then. But I’ve seen you around recently a bit, Tincan, and now I know I’ve been a fool. Please, forgive me.

You’ve been so many people’s first. I guess that made you seem a little too forward. But I was wrong. There is so much more to you than just that. And there are so many places to explore with you.

I look at my photos, with you, Tincan, and I can see how happy I am.

How Happy You Have Made Me. Photo: Anna Clock

I can see how happy everybody around you is. How could I have been so blind?

You Make Everyone Happy. Rider: Sarah Hermann. Photo: Anna Clock

Your fairy forests covered with snow transport me to a magical world.

Tincan Fairy Forest. Rider: Anna Clock. Photo: Allison Sayer


Your sheltered powder fills me with joy.

Video: Ben Larson

Your incredible views inspire me.

Your Beautiful Views. Skier: Ben Larson. Photo: Brooke Edwards

And there are so many ways to explore your trees.

Love in the Trees. Skiers: John Thomas, Ben Larson, Allison Sayer. Photo: Brooke Edwards

Your skin track may be well worn, my dear, but that makes the dogs so happy. No sinking in for them.

Your Well Trodden Path Makes Dogs Happy Photo: Allison Sayer

And more than any other mountain, Tincan, you have given me memories. Memories of times spent with so many dear friends.

Thanks for the Memories, Tincan. Photo: Ben Larson

Tincan, I should have appreciated you more all these years. But now I’ve come around. Please be my Valentine!!!


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