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Super Summit Sunday: Race Point

The same amazing snowboarder who powered partway up the steep face of Mt Marathon on Thursday, returned with a skier friend. Identified as Fred, he again powered straight up while the skier zig-zagged. Today, they headed for the Mt Marathon Race® Up trail, and hiked the rest of the way on the rocky ridge to the 3022′ Race Point summit. Meanwhile, another pair of snowboarders toiled up the face. After enjoying the sunshine and spectacular scenery at the top, first Fred carved new lines down, at times following the ridge shadow line. Then the skier followed with graceful telemark curves. After they reached the end of the run, a new group of 3 skiers appeared at the Race Point. I was unable to witness these descents, but will watch for the tracks tomorrow. Busy day at the top! (Six photos)

Carol Griswold



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