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Super Summit Sunday: Fourth of July Peaks

I didn’t witness the superb athletes who marked the Fourth of July Peaks and glacial cirque on the east side of Resurrection Bay. Unless I missed seeing these tracks yesterday, it could have been part of today’s apparent Super Summit Sunday. Judging from the four sets of tracks, unless one or two boarders were unbelievably ambitious and superhuman, at least four people hiked up through the forest and powered up the unforgiving steep mountain to the peak. Then they plunged down the almost vertical ridges, threading their paths through rocky outcrops, or flew down couloirs into the glacial bowl, all too soon arriving back down to the forest.

As I gazed in amazement at these tracks, the moon rose over the glacial bowl, adding her magic to an already fantastic scene.

Talented skiers/snowboarders/split boarders don’t have to go far to find world class backcountry challenges to shred around Seward.

Check out these tracks from Fourth of July Beach before it snows!

(three photos)


Carol Griswold


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