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Random Kindness Alive and Well in Seward

Linda Corbin told Seward City News the following story about a random act of kindness at the grocery store:


When I begin to think about moving away from Seward, it seems like something extraordinary happens.  Today, while in Safeway and checking out, I discovered that I had forgotten my wallet.  I hurried out to my car to retrieve it.  When I returned inside, I was informed that the customer behind me had paid for my groceries.  I was stunned.  That is the nicest thing anyone has done for me in a long, long time.  It makes me have hope for mankind and this tired, old planet.  I hope the gentleman that paid for my groceries sees this message, and I thank you very much.  He should tell his parents that they did a good job!  I wonder if there are many places in the lower 48 where this would happen.  I would like to think so!


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