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Winter has Begun: Solstice Photos Around Seward

Seward’s City Hall with our new City Flag flying alongside the Alaska State Flag and the American Flag

By Kelley Lane for Seward City News –

This week in Seward has been a relatively quiet one, as many of us celebrate the winter holidays, including Winter Solstice and Christmas. It’s been a fortunate time to be in Seward, with the fantastic weather that we’ve been having, including fresh powder and daytime temperatures in the 20-30 degree range. This has been a lovely fall here in Seward, which has now officially transitioned to winter. In the past couple of weeks I’ve gotten to celebrate Christmas in a small town for the first time in my life. It’s been a lovely holiday season, and I have delighted in the slower pace of life that has allowed me to partake in a plethora of holiday celebrations.

The Daytime temperatures this week have fluctuated between 20-30 degrees

I want to extend a hearty thank you to Sue McClure for her leadership of the winter concert, held at the Ray Building a few weeks ago. The building was packed full of people, so full in fact that I didn’t get to take proper photographs of the concert. The songs were lovely and were complemented by the cheer felt being in that building with my fellow townspeople. I’m grateful to live in a place where folks turn out in such numbers to delight in local music and camaraderie.


There have been other joyful celebrations this holiday season, including the Community Holiday Party held at the SeaLife Center at the beginning of this month, which already feels like ages ago. Again, the building was packed full of cheerful townspeople who came out to get their photos taken with Santa, to decorate cookies and to listen to our excellent local old time string band. I especially enjoyed being part of the Carolers who sang prior to the doors opening, enthusiastically led by Dana Paperman.

Christmas Tree near First Avenue entrance to Two Lakes Park

Now we enter official winter time. I am looking forward to a chance to climb up into the Mount Marathon Bowl to play on my snowboard, which, like many such toys in Seward, hasn’t seen snow in more than 2 years. I love the look of the frozen layer on top of our Seward Harbor, and the sound of snow blowing off of my roof here in downtown Seward. It’s certainly been a white December, and I am looking forward to more snow, as we continue to delight in experiencing our first Seward winter. Thank you, Seward, for welcoming us, and for having such a strong community in which we can partake and delight.



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