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Seward Comprehensive Plan Open House Meeting, Tonight!

Image Courtesy of Kalani Woodlock

Submitted by Rissie Casagranda –

TONIGHT– December 13th @ 6PM Seward Annex Building!!! (kitty- corner from city hall) SEWARD COMPREHENSIVE PLAN OPEN HOUSE MEETING!!!!!!!

Tonight is your opportunity to be heard! All you have ever dreamt Seward to be, all you could hope Seward to become- this is your opportunity to come share your ideas, hopes and aspirations and be heard! Listen to other’s ideas and be a part of the process.

The City of Seward has hired a team of professionals to assist in bringing Seward‘s community together to gather ideas and information and network with the public to ultimately compile a plan for our public servants to use as a guide in decision making for the next 10-20 years. This is the 3rd of 3 open house meetings that have been open to all public to attend.


If you are not able to attend this evening, please be sure and visit were you can submit your comments!!!! Your ideas are important!

This is your town!

Please, tell a friend and share this. All ages welcome.


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