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Creative Christmas Music!

Nora Andrews, singing her original Christmas song

Christmas is a special time especially if you are into music and children or both.  This past week Seward had opportunities to experience it all at the annual traditional Christmas concerts for both the elementary and middle schools.   Yet they were anything but traditional.  While many of the songs had the seasonal feel most were crafted by the students themselves.  The performances reflected not only the student’s pride but the musical knowledge they are receiving beyond performing a traditional selection.  Dr. Mark Turner, Seward elementary and middle school music teacher has been working with these kids since September, many for only a half hour a week, with fantastic results.  The Seward Music Association would like to thank Mark for bringing music to Seward’s kids and helping them to find ways to express themselves through it.   Well done, Mr. Turner and kudos to all the kids who took the stage and let their creative juices flow.  


Merry Christmas and here’s to an even more productive New Year for Seward’s young musicians.

Seward Music Association


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