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Rise & Shine! Seward Business Network meeting Oct 20th

Rockwell Kent was a famous American and internationally-known artist. We are fortunate in Seward that he spent from August 1918 until March 1919 on Fox Island in Resurrection Bay with his 9-year-old son. In 1920 he published his first book — Wilderness: A Journal of Quiet Adventure in Alaska — which finally gave him the recognition he needed to earn his living as an artist. Kent went on to become one of the most popular painters and graphic artists of the mid-20th century. His paintings of Resurrection Bay and the area that later became Kenai Fjords National Park, are considered some of the best examples of Northern art. Before Alaska, Kent painted the Maine coast and Newfoundland. After Alaska he painted Tierra del Fuego and Greenland, as well as Ireland and France.
        2018 is the centennial of Kent’s arrival on Fox Island, and 2020 is the centennial of the publication of Wilderness. There exists a small (maybe 500) group of enthusiastic Kent followers and collectors. Since his death in 1971, there have been several symposiums and exhibitions and he has become well-known and respected throughout the world. In 2013 Winona, MN had a symposium and exhibit to celebrate the centennial of his stay there. In 2014 Brigus, Newfoundland had a symposium. The Alaska centennial offers us a chance to not only attract a number of Kent enthusiasts, but also promote Seward using his art.


        At the 7:00 am meeting on Thursday, Oct 20th at the Breeze Restaurant Nook, Doug Capra will suggest several ways the Seward business community can benefit from our Rockwell Kent connection.


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