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IAMPE Certifies Port Professionals from Seward

The International Association of Maritime and Port Professionals (IAMPE) is pleased to announce its latest class of maritime managers and executives to complete the IAMPE Professional Certification Program.  The program provides a recognized industry-wide professional certification for those port and maritime professionals who have industry experience and who enroll in and complete the management certification program.  The program includes comprehensive seminar education offered by industry professionals and approved by the Board of the IAMPE.

Professional certifications were awarded to last week’s seminar participants in accordance with the rules for professional certification and included David Bernhardt, PE-Accredited Marine Port Executive (Class of 2016), Commissioner of Transportation, State of Maine; Ron Long, Marine Port Executive, Assistant City Manager and Community Development Director, City of Seward, AK; Norn Regis, Marine Port Executive, Harbormaster, City of Seward, AK; Martha Klimas, Marine Port Executive, Project Manager and FTZ Administrator, Bridgeport Port Authority, CT; Kirk Langford, Marine Port Executive, Associate Professor, Loeb-Sullivan School, Maine Maritime Academy;  Brock Mooney, Marine Port Executive, Project Administrator, Maine Department of Transportation-Maine Port Authority; and Garvan Donegan, Marine Port Manager, Economic Development Specialist; Central Maine Growth Council.


In addition to the professional certification, each individual receives 4 graduate level academic credits through the Loeb-Sullivan School of International Business & Logistics at the Maine Maritime Academy.  Those with other professional certifications also receive continuing education credits.

The IAMPE Maritime Management Program is designed to provide a pathway for professional development and certification for port and maritime professionals.  Required course work includes management education, advanced executive management education, continuing education and industry experience.  Programs are reviewed by the Board of Advisors of the IAMPE, comprised of senior executives from over 20 ports and business sectors in North America.   Over 1,100 port and maritime professionals have been certified in North America and the Caribbean.  Further information is available at


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