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Meet Margaret Stock for US Senate Alaska – In Seward Sept. 23

Meet Margaret Stock Flyer

Margaret Stock for US Senate Alaska


Margaret was born in Boston, Massachusetts in 1961, the fourth of nine children. At age 15 Margaret’s father passed away, and the family fell apart. Margaret left home, living in a homeless shelter for teens for several months. Margaret dropped out of high school and became the subject of a legal custody case over the next few years. Margaret met the foster

family that would eventually take her in through the Civil Air Patrol, a program that provided structure and fun in her teenage years.

Margaret’s foster mother encouraged her to contact her former high school guidance counselor who managed to persuade Boston University to admit her without a high school diploma (which she later received). Margaret was accepted into the University’s ROTC early commissioning program, where she was selected for the only airborne slot the following summer. Margaret completed paratrooper school at Fort Benning, Georgia and was named ROTC battalion commander during her sophomore year. Margaret transferred to Harvard College and graduated in 1985.

Margaret served on active duty at Fort Richardson, Alaska before the Army released her to attend graduate school at Harvard, where she pursued degrees from the Law School and the Kennedy School of Government.

Margaret married Neil O’Donnell in 1992, and their daughter Catherine was born in Anchorage, Alaska, in 1997.

Margaret worked as an attorney in private practice in Anchorage over the following years while continuing to serve in the Army Reserve through assignments in Japan, Korea and around the United States. She taught constitutional and national security law full time at the United States Military Academy at West Point from 2001 to 2006. Margaret graduated from the Army War  College in 2006. After changing to part­time Reserve status at the U.S. Military Academy, she became the project officer for a Pentagon recruiting program for legal immigrants with critical language and other key skill sets.

In 2011 Margaret returned to her private law practice in Alaska, helping individuals and Alaska companies navigate our byzantine immigration system. For several years she taught political science classes as an adjunct professor at the University of Alaska Anchorage. Margaret has also testified before Congress on numerous occasions and has served on various boards and commissions.

In 2013 Margaret was honored to receive a MacArthur Fellowship (commonly called a “genius grant” by the press) for her work on immigration and national security issues.

Margaret has also been endorsed by the Centrist Project, a group formed to elect a critical mass of fiscally conservative, socially moderate Independents to Congress in order to break the gridlock that has incapacitated that institution.

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