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Alaska Gov. Bill Walker interview with Seward City News


By Russell Stigall for Seward City News —

Alaska’s Gov. Bill Walker visited Seward last Friday, Aug. 26, to meet with Seward’s City Council members and answer questions from the public.

Following his Q & A, Gov. Walker sat down with a Seward City News reporter for a 10-minute conversation. Find the video below.


During the interview Walker reiterated that his approach to the state’s financial woes is to “run to the fire” and solve problems. His capping of the Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend at $1,000 is one example of politically risky action that Walker said Alaska Legislators need to embrace, re-elections aside, to address the budget shortfall the state faces. He asks Alaskans to do more with less resources.

The interview was recorded in video and presented below with minor edits.