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Opinion: AVTEC’s gym and racquetball facilities greatly benefit our community

Submitted by Devin Putney –
The City Manager and Director of Parks and Recreation have recently decided to end the communities access to AVTEC’s gym and racquetball facilities. Children, community members, and TYC programs have benefited greatly from this facility during the winter months and rainy days since the early ’90s. This decision clearly goes against Park and Rec’s mission statement “to provide mountains of recreation to all Seward residents” and “offer a wide variety of indoor and outdoor programs”. A rent increase to $3,000 a month is not unreasonable for such a large facility that has proven to benefit the children and adults of our town for so long. If a rent increase is too much for the city to handle, there is no reason to believe the city could possibly build a multi-million-dollar facility in the future (nor should they, when we already have one in town…). To say it is “too late” to fix this, when a rash decision was made without citizens input, is not acceptable. We can make that clear to Karin Sturdy and Jim Hunt with emails and phone calls. City council should also be made aware of how important this is, and given a chance to help fix it.
Thank you,
Devin Putney


City Contacts:
Karin Sturdy,      Director Parks and Rec       (907) 224-4053
Jim Hunt,           City Manager                       (907) 224-4047
Ron Long,          Assistant City Manager           (907) 224-4020


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