Opinion: Seniors need help from Assembly Member Brandii Holmdahl

Brandii Holmdahl ran for Assembly fully and proudly supporting Seniors. It is time for her to stand up and vote to support her constituent Senior citizens. Please remind Brandii, that a major reason she is in the Assembly, is because of area Seniors.

Encourage her to VOTE NO on Ordinance 2016-24 which raises taxes on Seniors and eliminates the KPB Senior property exemption.

Assembly member Brandii Holmdahl

Phone: 907 252-9266
Email: bholmdahl@kpb.us


On July 26 you will be voting on Mayor Navarreā€™s Ordinance 2016-24 to eliminate the KPB Senior exemption.

During your Assembly campaigns, many of you spoke about and highlighted support for the Senior citizens of the KPB. Ordinance 2026-24 is written to end the Senior real estate exemption which has been a part of the KPB codes since 1980.

The Ordinance attempts to turn Seniors against Seniors and children and grandchildren against their parents, by demonizing Seniors as a burden to the KPB community. The mayor and his surrogates are asking the Assembly to join them in turning on the Seniors of the KPB. One of their justifications is they are not eliminating the exemption, they just want to phase it out. Phasing out and eliminating are the same thing, period. You and we are not stupid.

The political tactic of dividing Seniors against Seniors, residents against Seniors and demonizing Seniors is a political tactic direct from the teachings of Marx, Goebbels and Saul Alinsky. Fortunately this is America and most people reject these tactics and cringe at these un-American philosophies. I encourage you to distance yourselves from this political shame.

Voting yes is anti-Senior, immoral and unethical at best. Following and condoning the discredited political tactics is deplorable.


Please stand up for the principles you previously espoused and VOTE NO on Ordinance 2016-24. Be proud and support Seniors.

Disclaimer: I am 71 years old and will not be affected by the Ordinance, but believe that our Seniors and the next generation of Seniors are an important and treasured part of the KPB community.

Peter Zuyus
Homer, Alaska

Wayne Ogle Ph: 690-1308 Email: wogle@kpb.us
Gary Knopp Ph: 283-9494 Email: gknopp@kpb.us
Blaine Gilman Ph: 398-0840 Email: bgilman@kpb.us
Dale Bagley Ph: 398-1865 Email: dbagley@kpb.us
Stan Welles Ph: 260-6769 Email: swelles@kpb.us
Brandii Holmdahl Ph: 252-9266 Email: bholmdahl@kpb.us
Brent Johnson Ph: 262-4763 Email: bjohnson@kpb.us
Kelly Cooper Ph: 299-1519 Email: kellycooper@kpb.us
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