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Alaska Film Fest Short Films great way to spend Sunday

2116AFFposterThe Alaska Film Fest is holding three Short Film Competitions on Sunday, July 31st.  All screenings are free.  FAIR WARNING: These films have not been rated and may contain adult content.

The Balto 48 Hour Film Challenge screens at 7:00pm at the UAF Seward Marine Center K.M. Rae Building at 201 Railway Avenue.  These films were created by local Alaskan film makers in 48 hours using three prompts.

The Togo 24 Hour Sprint competition screens at 6:00pm.  These films were created in 24 hours by local film makers, most of which are filmed in Seward using locals on cast and crew.

The Alaska Film Fest Shorts Competition screens starting at 4:00pm.  All screenings are followed with a Q&A with the director. The line up is as follows:
4:00 pm Zero Tolerance, Director Carl Weber, Sick Day Productions A newly single mom deals
with the added stress of her son being suspended from school for drawing a
picture of a gun.


4:15 pm Wife for a Prince, Director Corliss Kimmel, Leave No Cat Behind Films A lonely
Prince Dreams of a Wife.
4:30 pm The Dress, Director Jonathan Lang, Pay No Attention to the (Man Behind the Curtain)
Experimental Abstract Film
4:45 pm Joker The Balilbondsman, Now I Feel Ya, Directors Dennis Krymski & Sean Sullivan,
Crimeski Productionz The streets aren’t safe.
5:00 pm Static, Director Charles Baird, Baird Media,  Technology brings us together and rips us apart.
Aberrant5:15 pm Aberrant, Director the late Dean Whitney.  Q&A with Producer George Goen.  At the oneset of a global pandemic, a young couple takes shelter at a semi-isolated house in which they encounter a renegade


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