Dot Bardarson’s watercolors on display at the Ranting Raven

Seward artist Dot Bardarson at her First Friday Art Walk show held on June 3, 2016.


Contributed by Dot Bardarson –


Dot Bardarson opened with a show during the First Friday Art Walk at Ranting Raven which will be up during the month of June.
It is a show demonstrating the difference between plein air painting and studio painting. With plein air (painting on location) the artist finds a vantage spot outdoors and paints the scene. Studio painting is indoors in a controlled atmosphere.  Each has its benefits to the artist, but painting outdoors is more challenging due to wind, too much sun, rain, forgotten supplies, bugs, oglers, changing light, etc.  On an ideal day, this is pure heaven.
The style of the finished work is different.  Usually a plein air painting is done quickly with a handy reference right in front of the artist. It is often quite realistic and fresh.  With studio painting, the artist diversifies more with basic design being the dominant look. There are 18 pieces of original watercolors in Dot’s show. The labels underneath identify the approach.



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