Seward Community Foundation

Seward Community Foundation comes through

imagesA huge thank you to the Seward Community Foundation for supporting SOS Pets with $500 for our pet food distribution program. Twice each month SOS Pets delivers dog and cat food in individual ziplock baggies to the popular He Will Provide food pantry.

SCF, recognizing this community need, made the gift without an application. That’s not how grant making usually works. But SCF is different. They are local, in touch with the community and not mired down by administranglia. SOS Pets is grateful for that flexibility. You should be too. They are the behinds-the-scenes engine for many very worthy programs in our home town.


Give a nod to these folks when you see them next: Patty Linville, John Eavis, Teri Arnold, Melody Spangler-Hatch, Tim Fleming, Amy Haddow, Beth Johnson, Phyllis Shoemaker and Carole Tallman.

Mark Luttrell, President SOS Pets


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