Van Gogh Alive

Last Tuesday, art students from Seward Middle and High School took a field trip to the Anchorage Museum to see Van Gogh Alive- The Experience.  This special traveling exhibit of light, color and sound features projections of Van Gogh’s artwork and writing in multi-dimensional forms.   Leading up to the excursion, students studied Van Gogh within an art historical context, and created artwork that reflected his post-impressionist painting style.

In addition to the Van Gogh exhibit, students toured the new Contemporary Art in Alaska collection, partook in a ‘Science of Color’ workshop, and visited the Discovery Center.  Here are a few student reflections on the experience:

“The creativity of people before us was amazing to see,” said Kamryn Pack.

“I thought it was really cool to see the projections on the screen of Van Gogh’s artwork.  It made it come to life,” said Madison Athey.

“I liked the way they showed the mood of Van Gogh’s paintings by pairing them with certain lights and colors,” said Kalista Rodriguez.

“I liked the interactive science displays at the Discovery Center.  The water rocket was awesome,” said Bjorn Nilsson.

“Van Gogh was a man before his time.  His artwork didn’t look like a picture, it looked like a painting, but like none that had come before,” said Cody Bryden.

“My favorite Van Gogh quote was ‘I put my heart and soul into my artwork, but I seem to have lost my mind in the process.’  It made me realize how important his art was to him,” said Clay Peterson.

Special thanks to the PTSA, Seward Arts Council, and Seward Community Foundation who helped fund this event. Photographs by the talented Kalani Woodlock, bluejuiceimages@gmail.com.


What a rich arts opportunity for our kids!

Anchorage Museum Field Trip
Students examine a contemporary Alaskan artwork mimicking the form of baleen, made from plastics and colored with crayon wax.
An art criticism exercise where students drew the featured artwork, a contemporary woodcarving from SE Alaska. based on memory and the verbal description of a partner.
Experimenting with bubbles at the hands-on-science Discovery Center.
Getting acquainted with the Discovery Center’s bearded Australian lizard.
Using colored flashlights and transparencies to learn about the science of color.
VG bedroom
An immersive view of Van Gogh’s painted bedroom scene.
Students read letter and journal excerpts written Van Gogh that explain the thinking behind his unique work.
vg portraits
Van Gogh painted many portraits, including 37 self-portraits. Ironically Van Gogh died when he was 37 years old.


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