City Budget Work Sessions: What Do YOU Think?

Do you have ideas for a more efficient city government? Do you want more, or fewer, services? Where can the City do better with ever decreasing funding? Where could the City raise funding?

Come to the City Budget Work Sessions this week at City Hall starting at 6 pm, or watch on GCI Cable, Channel 9 to learn more.

Wednesday, October 7: Parks and Recreation, Parking, Mayor and Council, City Clerk, Legislative/Community Development, City Manager, MIS, Police/Jail/Animal Control, Seward Senior Center, Chamber of Commerce, Legal/Finance/General Services, Fire/Volunteers, Emergency Preparedness, Building Inspection

Thursday, October 8: Motor Pool, Community Health Center, Hospital, Mountain Haven, Harbor, SMIC, Electric


Friday, October 9: Public Works (roads, city shop, snow, ice), Water, Wastewater, Municipal Building, Capital Improvement Plan, Library

The public can also contact City Hall by emailing <jkinney@cityofseward.net>

Link to Wedneday’s budget overview http://www.cityofseward.us/DocumentCenter/View/2448

Carol Griswold