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Senior Citizen Survey Results for District 6 Candidates

Thank you District 6 candidates Kenn Carpenter and Brandii Holmdahl for participating in this Senior Citizen Survey.

In addition to the economic issues facing our state and boroughs, there are several issues of particular importance to our KPB Senior population. Seniors on the peninsula number approximately 10,000 and provide a significant contribution to the KPB economy and volunteer community. A majority of them are fixed income based and those over 65 are medicare recipients. Actually, medicare payments to hospitals and physicians on the peninsula represent approximately 38-40% of revenues. KPB Seniors, as a community are a major contributor to the KPB economy.

The needs of Seniors are not a partisan issue, but a quality of life issue. Many duties of an Assembly member are routine and others require significant introspect and reliance on constituent input. Senior citizen issues are straight forward but many times are put on the “back burner”.

AND here are the Questions and results. Comments are in the candidates own words and unedited.
Question 1. Sales tax on non-prepared foods has a significant impact on the budget of fixed-income Seniors.
Do you support Proposition 1 on the Oct 6 Ballot that reinforces the Seasonal Sales Tax Exemption on non-prepared foods?

Kenn Carpenter: YES     Brandii Holmdahl: YES
Question 2. Senior citizen real estate property tax exemption:
Although not a ballot issue, several KPB politicians would like to raise taxes on Senior citizens by reducing the Senior citizen real estate tax exemption.
Do you support keeping the Senior citizen real estate exemption as it is?

Kenn Carpenter: YES         Brandii Holmdahl: YES
Question 3. Borough Seniors have little voice in discussions regarding Assembly and Administration actions that affect them as a group.


As an Assembly member, would you encourage formation of a Senior citizens commission/committee to report to the Assembly and Mayor on issues that directly affect Senior citizens?

Kenn Carpenter: YES        Brandii Holmdahl: YES

Brandii Holmdahl Comment:
“Absolutely. I believe this committee would be an invaluable asset to those of us trying to make decisions in the best interest of the population. Seniors have specific issues that are not always readily apparent in seemingly unrelated issues. I would like to share that my grandparents moved to the peninsula in the 60’s. My grandfather was a roughneck and my grandmother a nurse. Both of them spent the remainder of their lives in the Soldotna/Sterling region. My father is currently a bush pilot for a company based out of Nikiski and just turned 68. He works 6 days a week  and depends on many of the benefits available to senior citizens. Efforts to keep the peninsula livable for an ageing population are very important to me.”

Kenn Carpenter Comment:
“Pertaining to questions 2 & 3 I feel we really need to include our seniors in decisions pertaining to the borough.  The seniors are our founding foundation for the State of Alaska and our boroughs.  Some of these seniors help set up the governments for the state and the boroughs.  I feel their opinions and views would be of value to the assembly, and a benefit to committees.  I think a senior representative should be present during assembly hearings to give us the views and needs of the senior population in the Kenai Borough area. This of course would be a non-paid position and valued just for their opinions and views.”

Both candidates support Seniors on important issues that affect the Senior citizens of District 6 and all Seniors of the Kenai Peninsula Borough.

Well, readers and Senior readers, it’s your turn, read the answers and comments, add those to your other thoughts and vote for the candidate of your choice on Oct. 6.

Please VOTE, it is important, you should not complain about the results of an election, if you are not part of the process.

Peter T. Zuyus